Easy Blogging: 30 Ways to Make Simple

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From the outside looking in blogging looks like the easiest way in the world to make money. Once you’ve seen the potential, blogging becomes a lot more complicated. You begin pushing yourself to learn more, and learn it faster. You start working longer hours, having less fun and pretty soon blogging becomes just another job. And a stressful one, at that.

make blogging easier

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Successful bloggers who’ve been at it for a while all develop their own little tips and secrets that help make blogging fun again. Here are 30 things I do to make blogging easier and if you ask another blogger you’ll probably get a list of 30 more.

  1. Use article templates and all you have to do is fill in the blanks
  2. Limit publishing to four days a week. Set aside one full day a week for special projects
  3. Don’t work til you drop, set a schedule a stick to it
  4. Move frequently used icons to your taskbar
  5. Use Notepad to take notes, organize, prioritize and file at the end of the day
  6. Check email once a day and take care of it as you go
  7. Use WordPress. It’s designed for bloggers and it’s the easiest platform available
  8. Eliminate distractions like chat programs and your television
  9. Choose a broad niche so you’re never at a loss for content
  10. Take a 15-minute break every two hours. Step away from your computer and stretch
  11. Just start writing. In 14 minutes you’ll feel fine.
  12. Have a goal or purpose for every piece of content
  13. Approach your business with enthusiasm
  14. If you can’t be enthusiastic you need a new plan
  15. Experiment. Try something new. Go ahead and make that video. You know you want to.
  16. Eat right, drink plenty of water and get some exercise
  17. Visualize your goals at the start of each day
  18. Always be setting new goals
  19. Always be on the lookout for content ideas
  20. Don’t over think it. This isn’t rocket science
  21. Take notes. That might make a killer To-Do article
  22. Spend one hour a day or one day a week extending your reach into new markets
  23. When you’re in the mood – write! File it away for those days when you’re not in the mood
  24. Use a calendar to create To-Do lists for every day you work and then mark things off when you’re done
  25. Go off-topic occasionally and give yourself and your readers a little variety
  26. Take at least one full day a week away from your computer to spend time with family and friends
  27. Get out and interact with other people in your community
  28. Recruit some guest bloggers or regular contributors you can rely on and whose content you enjoy
  29. Follow the news in your niche and you won’t have to spend as much time on research
  30. Monitor your analytics so you know what’s hot and what’s not

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  1. Pauline

    Hi Steven
    I follow many of your tips on the list but not all so you have given me some extra things I can be doing every day :)
    I do plan my day out the night before and enter it into my online calendar so I know what I am doing throughout the day. I like to write a few posts at at time and schedule them in so I can focus on other things.
    I love blog hopping and this has brought me an increase of traffic as well as building some great relationships with other bloggers.
    Thanks for sharing and hope you have a great weekend.

    1. I’m always glad if I can help, Pauline! I seldom write a single blog post. I usually produce them by batches… It makes the whole process easier and faster.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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