Dukeo turns 4 months old!

StevenAbout Dukeo

Dukeo turned 4 months old a few days ago! I’m still amazed at how fast things can go… Only 4 months ago, on my 30th birthday, I was launching Dukeo with high hopes and low means. I didn’t want to invest too much money in the blog because this experiment is all about starting from scratch, but I had ideas and time.

dukeo on fire

Dukeo: “Who is” And Caricatures, Among Other Things…

The “Who is” post series is making a killing. I’m very thankful for all the positive feedback I’m reading in the community about these posts. It looks like I’m doing things the right way and my traffic and alexa rankings keeps improving every single day.

I’d like to remind you that you have a chance to get your own caricature done by my artist. To get your caricature, all you have to do is write a short review (300 words minimum) about Dukeo. One winner will be handpicked by me, another one will be randomly selected. Everyone has a chance! Read details in my post: Review My Blog And Win Your Own Caricature !

Dukeo: A Few Words About Traffic And Advertising

I have (almost) reached the goal I had set last month of having over 150 unique visitors per day during May and Dukeo has generated over 10000 page views!!! You’ll see the details in tomorrow’s post with May’s Traffic Stats.

On a different matter, you may have noticed that I have removed the in-text advertising by Infolinks. As I was told by the owner of Affbuzz, it looked kind of spammy and it was really not worth the bad image (in term or earnings). On overall Dukeo’s earnings have increased once again, you’ll have more details in next Monday’s post about May’s Earnings Stats.

If you would like to take advantage of Dukeo’s high exposure on major blogs in the industry, you might want to take a look at the advertising spots that recently re-opened (728×90 header, 300×250 sidebar, …). For now, I’m keeping prices quite low to give everyone a chance to advertise on Dukeo, but it will not last forever. Don’t miss your chance!

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Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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