Dukeo Quietly Turned 5 Months Old

StevenAbout Dukeo

Dukeo quietly turned 5 months old 15 days ago. I didn’t make it such a celebration because the past 30 days have been a challenge for me and I was backlogged like I have never been before. Work has been piling up on my desk and I haven’t been able to catch up until recently. (And I still have mountains of late work).

As I have been saying in a previous post, I had left on June 19th for a business/holiday trip to Hong Kong. It had been one year and a half since I left my desk for a trip so I was really excited. But it was also a little scary for two reasons: I wanted to make sure my blog would keep running as smoothly as possible, and experience taught me that it’s always when you are far from your desk that the worst shit happens to your business. To prevent the latter, I did slow all my paid traffic before leaving because I knew I wouldn’t be able to monitor everything on a daily basis.

My trip went extremely well. The time in Hong Kong was a blast. I had a few meetings with companies I have been working with for the past couple of months as well as companies I intend to do work with in the near future. Most of the meetings went well and there is especially one I will talk about in an upcoming post: my meeting with Adoori’s team (I wanted to do that sooner but was completely overwhelmed with work).

As per the vacation part of my travel, I spent 5 days in Philippines with a very good friend of mine. Being completely disconnected from the internet for 5 whole days was something I was scared of before leaving but in the meantime, I really needed to get disconnected for a while. As a result I had 5 complete stress-free fun-packed days with my friend.

dukeo on fire

Unfortunately, the return to the reality of business was not as fun. As expected, some things went completely wrong during this trip. The worst being that HostGator took down one of my VPS for more than 3 days. I was hosting 3 blogs on this VPS. When I came back, I found out that 2 of the 3 databases had been completely wiped out: 2 blogs simply deleted. It took me some time to get these back online and I saw some direct consequences on my organic traffic. (What they say is true about your blogs needing to be online all the time if you want to get good rankings from Search Engines).

I came back from Asia on June 30th but wasn’t able to get back to work until a few days ago because I went to London, England to spend a few days in the beginning of July. Luckily, the measures I had taken to keep Dukeo running went well and you had a new post to read almost every day.

It took me a couple days to catch up on the late mails, late emails, restart my affiliate campaigns with various traffic sources and finally get back to work on Dukeo. Hopefully, from this point things will get back to normal and I’ll be able to get everything running as expected! Let’s go for a sixth month!

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