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Today, I’d like to share a couple updates about Dukeo with you.

Since a couple of weeks, I noticed that Dukeo’s page load were getting incredibly slow. Nowadays, Google take the load times into consideration when ranking websites into their index, so 20+ seconds load times were simply not acceptable for Dukeo.

In order to improve Dukeo, I spent a little over 1 day to completely rewrite the HTML code of Dukeo’s theme, remove unnecessary code and make the CSS lighter. I also improved the JavaScript code and implemented some scripts to reduce load times. The changes also include the use of CSS Sprites and less call to off-domain resources.

I decided to stop using Quick Cache. This plugin did its job while I needed it, but since my traffic increased and I include more social elements (twitter, facebook and google+ buttons) on my pages, there was a whole blog slow down.

Quick Cache has been replaced by W3 Total Cache. This plugin is a little more complicated to setup but offers a lot more advanced features which is exactly what I needed to make Dukeo faster.

After the code rewrite and the implementation of W3TC, I went from a load time of 20+ seconds of the homepage, to 2.5 seconds. It’s one hell of an improvement and I can’t wait to see the consequences it will have on Dukeo’s search engine results.

In order to make the site more visitor friendly, I also decided to remove the lightbox popup on every page and to remove some ad spaces in the sidebar and in the body of the pages. Less cluter is the way to go!

You might also notice that the footer has been redesigned. I was not satisfied at all with previous version! It is now displaying some of my caricatures, and you can click on the grey lines to have the whole archive slide up from behind the footer.

I revised the comment section by making the graphics lighter to focus on what really matters: what people have to say. Moreover, I decided to turn Dukeo into a DoFollow blog! From now on, all commentators will be rewarded with a real link back to their own blog whenever they’ll comment on Dukeo.

To sum it up, I’d say that Dukeo is now more search engines friendly than ever, and more important, more visitors friendly!

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  1. Imkazu

    sweet, i see the css/js minification

    1. yep! It’s working like a charm.

  2. Reduceri

    Nice move Steven. I like your blog and i must say it`s one of my fav when it comes to aff marketing.

    1. Hey thank you Reduceri! I’ll keep the good posts coming.

  3. Jay

    Having just one thing coded wrong such as an image on the sidebar can cause a significant slowdown. From what I’ve heard, W3 Total Cache seems to be the best available as long as you set it up right. I know a few people who had very slow websites and changed to dedicated hosting that was faster and their rankings were up about 20%.

    1. This is exactly why I went back through all the website code to make sure there was no un-needed code that could slow-down the pages.

      At some point, caching is an absolute necessity if you want your site to load smoothly. My blog has been on its own VPS since the beginning but I was having issues due tu ertain pieces of code and plugins, hopefully everything will run without glitches from now on! Looking forward for the ranks up.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

Simply input your best email below to get started.

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