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Don’t Be a Greedy Blogger

If you’re getting into blogging because you think it’s all about you and the money you can make, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Blogging kinda follows the Rule of Threes: The energy you send out into the Universe will be returned to you threefold. Send out positive energy and good things come pouring back to you. Send out negative energy and, well, you know… The moral of the story? Give more than you ask for. Don’t be a greedy blogger.

Most new bloggers already understand their blog can develop into a community and they understand the benefits of working toward that goal. But what they don’t realize is that every blog on the Internet is also a member of a larger community – the blogging community.

There may be dozens of other blogs in your niche, hundreds more in similar relevant niches, and millions of blogs in total. While some of these blogs may be your “competition” they’re also part of your community – the entire community of bloggers.

If you think about it, you can compare this online blogging community to the business district in a small town. If there are only one or two stores, the business district is dead. There’s no traffic and there are no shoppers. But if those two businesses work together to promote the business district, more shops, restaurants, boutiques and other businesses move into the district, the traffic picks up, the shoppers are lined up at the doors, and even more business are looking to move into the neighborhood.

So, for a blogger to say he’s going to set up a blog and take, take, take is counterproductive, both for the entire blogging community, and for the blogger himself. As a blogger you should be concerned about building a community around your own blog and about reaching out to help and support the entire blogging community.

How To Promote Your Blogging Community

Leave useful comments – Visit other blogs and leave useful, valuable comments for the purpose helping the readers – not promoting your own blog. You’re helping that other blogger and you’re helping his readers. Don’t worry about what you’ll get in return. Remember – it comes back to you threefold.

Link out to other blogs – Quit being so stingy with links. If you’re providing useful, unique content your readers aren’t going to dessert you, they’ll thank you for leading them to more useful information, and you’ll be helping another blogger with that link.

Invite guest bloggers – Reach out to other bloggers and invite them to be a guest on your blog. You’ll be providing another viewpoint for your readers and you’ll be helping that other blogger get a little more exposure.

Ask for expert advice – As another blogger for some expert advice and include his direct quote – with a link – in your blog post. It makes you look more credible to your readers and you’re giving that other blogger a little boost of credibility and link love.

Interview other bloggers – Introduce your readers to other bloggers. It’s like the guy who owns a pizza shop telling his customers to check out the bakery next door. Your readers and that other blogger will appreciate the recommendation, you’ll look like a star.

Give a free ad space – If you have an open ad space on your blog, contact another blogger and see if he’d like to use the space free for a month or so. You’re not using it for anything else and you’ll be helping another blogger.

A greedy blogger never takes a step without thinking, “What’s in it for me?” so he misses a lot of opportunities to grow his community. When you stop thinking about yourself and start thinking of how you can help the whole blogging community grow, the benefits just automatically come pouring in.

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10 Comments (Add one)

  1. kyri kyriacou
    kyri kyriacou

    This is beautiful! my kind of guy straight up and honest.
    A great example of someone dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and a very educational piece of work for anybody who takes their business seriously.

    Thanks for this blog Ste.

    1. Sté Kerwer

      Thanks for the nice words Kyri!

      I’m really trying my best to give a lot of value to my readers.

      It’s not as easy as it looks and it requires a lot of hard word… But the positive energy I receive when I read a good review of my work makes it completely worth it :)

  2. Kapil Jekishan

    I’m particularly fond of the the concept of inviting other guest bloggers as opposed to leaving the option on your site and hoping to be contacted (more often than not, the quality of posts you receive will be sub-par).
    I can see real appeal with the free ad space idea especially if there is relevance.

    1. Sté Kerwer

      Hey Kapil, I agree with you. When you just open your blog to guest bloggers and wait for things to happen, you’ll most likely receive exclusively articles coming from “seo agencies” trying to build links for themselves or for their clients.

  3. Ryan Biddulph

    If we can all work together Ste this blogging thing becomes so much easier.

    Most newbies are so afraid of failing that they only think about themselves; of course this perpetuates their failure.

    By helping others, you help yourself.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Sté Kerwer

      Ryan, I think it’s all about educating the newcomers and explain the value of positive networking to them.

      A lot of beginner bloggers think it’s all about “me, me, me”, when it should be all about “you, you, you”

  4. Venkatesh Iyer
    Venkatesh Iyer

    All the suggestions given in this post constitute good advice (and I do intend to follow them). But the big problem with being a nice guy is: will it result in two-way traffic? Will the other guys reciprocate?

    1. Sté Kerwer

      Venkatesh, I think you’re taking it the wrong way.

      When you give to others, you shouldn’t do it with hopes of them reciprocating. Just be genuinely generous and give out to other people.

      If they decide to be nice to you as well, that’s a good thing, if they don’t, you didn’t lose anything in the first place.

  5. Ivin Viljoen

    I like the ideas of giving ad space on your blog away for free. With the principle of give and you will receive, this sounds like it could do something for your blog.

    I remember asking a high profile blogger to BUY space on his blog and he didn’t even want to give that to me.

    I guess it depends on where you’re at.

  6. Karen Main
    Karen Main

    Thank you for this easy to follow rule, I am relieved and thrilled. I am a newbie and there is so much advice out there telling you how to self promote and yet this advice sits with my value system. Sending. Our positive energy and helpful comments, hallelujah. I am in the right place. Thank you