Domain Future: When Choosing a Name, Think About the Future

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Like most other business decisions you have to make, when choosing your domain name you have to consider both your short-term and long-term goals. You’re going to be using that domain name for a long, long time and it’s going to be at the very core of your online brand. Before you ante up, you need to think about the future and WordPress SEO.

Not long ago popular wisdom dictated that you should always buy a keyword-rich domain name in order to help your search engine rankings. Recently, though, Google has started cracking down on exact match domains (EMD) because webmasters were relying on the name to pull their site up instead of focusing on providing quality content.

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But Google isn’t really penalizing sites that have an EMD, they’re rewarding those sites that focus on engaging, top-quality content. In the process, those poor-quality EMD sites drop to the bottom of the pile. So, before you ask, yes, it’s still OK to use an EMD, but because of the changes in search algorithms, it’s no longer necessary. Instead of fretting over getting just the right keyword-rich domain name, you should focus on getting one that can carry your business into the future, whatever that future may be.

Allow Room For Growth

There’s definitely something to be said for a domain name like When a searcher sees that name in search results they’re going to know that site has something to do with training dogs, which is exactly what you want.

But it’s also a good choice because it’s vague. It doesn’t limit your business. When you look at that name you don’t know if you’re going to be visiting a site that sells dog training equipment or provides dog training advice or offers a dog training service. As the owner of this website you’d have almost unlimited business opportunities. In fact, you have room under this umbrella to continuously expand your business.

On the other hand, had you chosen a domain name like or, you’ve immediately limited your business choices. Searchers are going to see the word “Blog” and think all you offer is information and advice. They’ll see the word “Service” and think all you do is train dogs. Sure, you still have the same unlimited business opportunities, but it will be much more difficult to overcome this perceived limitation.

Make It Memorable

Ten years ago would have been an ideal choice. It’s keyword rich and, at the time, it probably would have been memorable. After all, there were only a handful of websites in that niche.

These days, there are hundreds or thousands of websites in every niche imaginable. And instead of relying on their domain name to save the day, more and more webmasters are realizing the importance of building an online brand. The best way to do that is to choose a name that’s short and sweet – and memorable, regardless of whether or not it contains a keyword.

For example, look at some of the most popular websites today –,,, and These domain names have nothing at all to do with what the sites offer, yet they’re some of the most recognizable names on the Internet because the owners chose catchy, memorable domain names and then worked at branding and building online name recognition.

These days you no longer have to worry about using a keyword in your domain name, and that’s a good thing. There are plenty of other, more affective ways you can optimize your website. Now it’s more important that you choose a name you can easily brand that allows room for unlimited business growth.

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