Disaster Recovery: Do You Have a Plan?

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Do you have a disaster recovery plan in case something happens to your business? I know, nobody likes to think about disasters but they do happen occasionally. And what makes a disaster so .. disastrous, is that it typically happens when you least expect it, because nobody ever really expects a disaster, right? And you’re typically unprepared and most likely don’t even how to cope with the immediate aftermath, let alone what you’re going to do to recover.

disaster recovery plan

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What Kind Of Disaster Might Your Blog Suffer?

First, it’s important to keep in mind that one man’s disaster is another man’s bump in the road. For example, let’s say one-third of your traffic comes from organic search and two-thirds comes from Twitter, the only social network you work with. One day, out of the clear blue sky, Twitter deletes your account. In your mind this is a disaster. Two-thirds of your traffic just disappeared and it took you a year or more to develop that source.

Now, another blogger’s getting 25 percent of his traffic from the search engines and the balance is coming from Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, referral links and links he’s built in forums. At the same time Twitter deletes your account they delete his, too. Is it still a catastrophe? Not at all. Of course, he’ll miss that traffic source, but he’s planned ahead and developed multiple sources, just in case something like this should ever happen. To him this is merely a bump in the road.

What Should Your Disaster Recovery Plan Include?

So the first think you should do is to plan ahead. Always have at least one back-up plan or alternate source for everything you do. Always assume that a website you’re working with could go belly-up at any minute, a script you’re running could break, or somebody, somewhere could click a button and delete something important.

Working on developing a wide variety of traffic sources instead of relying on just one or two. You just saw what could happen and it happens a lot more often than you might think.

Don’t use your blog’s database for document storage. Go ahead and upload that PDF so your readers can get that free download but save it on one of your drives, too. If your blog goes down for some reason you might lose that file for good.

Follow new technology and online service sites so you’re prepared to make a quick move if something happens to a program you’re relying on right now.

And most important: Back up your blog’s database on a daily basis. Your hosting company probably provides a backup and you can schedule the frequency yourself. I have my backups sent to me via email and then I save them on a separate drive. If some disaster should occur that causes my blog to crash I can either upload my backup files myself or contact my hosting company and they’ll do it for me.

Like I said, nobody likes to think about the possibility of disaster. Certainly, don’t dwell on the topic so much that you get depressed or panicked, but this is your business we’re talking about. It only makes sense to have a disaster recovery plan – just in case.

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  1. Don’t rely on anything and back up everything!

    1. Dave, I’m mostly relying on VaultPress these days. It’s an online backup solution for WordPress developed by WordPress’ team. Very reliable.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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