Disable Posts Auto Saving: How To do This in WordPress

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You may have noticed that while you are typing new posts in WordPress, there is an auto-save that gets activated from time to time. While this function is useful since it can prevent you from losing what was just written, you may want to disable this function.

To disabe posts auto-saving in your WordPress blog, simply paste the following code in the functions.php file in your WordPress theme folder:

function disableAutoSave(){
add_action( 'wp_print_scripts', 'disableAutoSave' );

From now on, your WordPress posts won’t be auto-saved anymore. In case you want to activate auto-saving again, simply delete this code frop your functions.php file.

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  1. Dana

    Oh my goodness, I don’t know that I’d ever want to delete my auto save, it’s literally saved me a couple hundred times!

    1. Michelle

      Me too, Dana! I’m too scatter-brained to not have auto save haha.

  2. Gorman

    I’m glad I read this, since I usually type out everything in Word and then paste it into WordPress later on, so I always have a backup. All I do in WordPress is edit, and auto save can be a pain.

    1. Liz

      That’s silly, that’s what auto save is for!

    2. Gorman

      Well, you know, I just like to have everything archived on my own computer so that I can pull things up and re-read and study them at any time. It’s useful to me to chronicle my work and study it so that I can keep getting better, you see?

  3. Anon

    Why would you want to delete something that saves your work automatically? I mean, unless you have a timer set to go off every 5 minutes, or you save every other sentence, it doesn’t make sense that anyone would want to get rid of something that could save you a lot of time and frustration, should anything unexpected happen.

    1. Mitch

      I can see your point, but it could be useful to someone out there, so there’s nothing wrong with putting the option out there.

    2. Sarah

      Exactly, you yourself don’t have to use it, but there are some people that it might prove useful to. From some of the other comments it looks like there already are.

    3. Chris

      Yes, at least its good to know for anyone who wants to do it.

    4. Anon

      All I’m saying is that I don’t see a functionality for it. Gorman makes a good case for why he doesn’t need it, but I personally don’t see a real need for something like this. But thank you, everyone, for keeping me humble and putting me in my place. :) Cheers!

    5. Samie

      Well if nothing else, the way to disable it is also listed, so someone could try it out, see if they like it, and if they don’t they can get rid of it!

  4. Amanda@buysellwordpress

    Auto Saving is very useful for me, so I have never had even a thought to disable it. But still thanks a lot for sharing this information

  5. Jony

    Done, and done. Thanks!

  6. Mike

    Posts like these are great. They are super useful, especially because so many bloggers use WordPress. Its something a guy like me would never think about or know how to do. As always, thanks for sharing the info, this is a pretty neat little trick!

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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