Directory Of Ezines Review: Your Perfect Audience is Here

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The Directory of Ezines promises to be the most valuable tool you can add to your Internet Marketing toolbox.

Sadly, though, a lot of marketers are going to bypass this product simply because of the name.

The Directory of Ezines focuses on much more than article marketing and various article directories.

It shows you how to combine the power of online magazines and email marketing and skyrocket your traffic.

directory of ezines

The first thing that comes to mind when you see the name “Directory Of Ezines” is that you’re going to be getting a list of sites like Ezine Articles, a list of hundreds of article directories all over the Web.

And yes, Ezine Articles is included in the list.

But that’s not really what this product is all about.

An ezine is an online magazine, comparable to a magazine that you’d buy at the corner store.

Some online magazines, like Ezine Articles or GoArticles call themselves ezines, but what they really are is a dumping ground for poor quality content for the sole purposes of generating backlinks.

Visit these article directories and you’ll find content that covers every topic under the sun.

When you buy a magazine in a store, though, the content is focused on one particular topic.

Popular Mechanics or Sports Illustrated or Vogue.

These all have a specific topic they discuss.

Sport Illustrated talks about sports and if you want to know about fashion you’ll have to buy Vogue.

Online magazines, or ezines as they’re more commonly referred to, operate much the same way as physical magazines.

They focus their content in a certain topic or niche.

What makes these ezines so attractive to you is their advertising potential because each of them has a mailing list with hundreds, if not thousands, of highly targeted readers.

Think about it.

If you wanted to read the latest sports news you’d sign up to receive updates from the Sports Illustrated ezine – not Vogue.

Another big difference between article directories and ezines is that people subscribe to ezines with the intention of reading every issue they receive.

They only visit article directories when they trip over your link while they’re looking for information.

OK, now that we’ve established the difference between article directories and ezines, what’s the big deal about the Directory of Ezines and how will it benefit your business?

The Directory of Ezines is a listing of hundreds of online magazines, sorted by topics and niches.

Instead of digging through indexes trying to find directories that attract the audience you’re looking for, you can easily sort through this list to find exactly the ezines you need.

But that’s just the beginning.

Most ezines operate like this: They send out an email newsletter to their subscribers on a regular basis – monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, etc.

In that newsletter they’ll have a lot of basic information and they’ll direct the reader back to their site for more in-depth coverage.

Because, let’s face it, nobody likes to read long email.

They’re bland and boring and just too tedious.

These ezines typically offer 3 types of advertising: They’ll include information about you in their email, they’ll include information about you on their site, or they’ll place your advertising banner in their sidebar.

Either way, you’ll be generating traffic that’s targeted a lot tighter than the traffic you get from a catch-all-type article directory.

Now, imagine you have a blog selling windsurfing gear.

You can write 20 or 30 articles and post them at one of the catch-all directories and maybe, if you’re lucky, when someone does a Google search using one of your keywords they’ll trip over your article.

But imagine if your article – or even just your links – were included in an email that goes out to thousands of readers of a windsurfing ezine.

Those readers are looking specifically for any and all information dealing with windsurfing – and nothing else.

And they’re waiting breathlessly, every month, for the next edition of that ezine.

And wouldn’t it make much more sense to place your banner ad in their sidebar than it does to place 2 little links in a resource box at one of the directories?

The Directory of Ezines shows you how to choose the best ezines to get the traffic you’re looking for, but even more important, it shows you how to use their different levels of advertising to their full potential.

Don’t pass it up just because it has the word “Ezine” in the title.

Trust me.

You’ll never see this kind of results from a mish-mash article directory.

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