Direct Traffic Importance: 5 Reasons Why You Should Care

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When you’re looking through your stats you’ll notice traffic coming in from the search engines, the social networks, other blogs that have linked to you and other properties you’ve built for linking purposes. And right in the middle of the mix you’ll notice a number for direct traffic. Everybody talks about the importance of focusing on building up your organic traffic and your referral traffic, but here are five reasons that direct traffic is equally as important.

direct traffic

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These people are coming directly to your blog

Direct traffic is just what it sounds like, they’re coming directly to your blog. This means they either have your blog bookmarked for easy access or they remember your blog’s name well enough to type it directly into their address bar. This can only mean one thing: These visitors have seen your blog before and the really liked it. Instead of doing an organic search to find an answer to their questions, they know you’ll have it, ready and waiting on your blog. They’ve chosen to bypass every other blog on the Internet and come directly to yours.

Direct traffic is reliable

Your organic traffic is dependent on Google’s mood that day and what your competitors have done to try and overtake your spot on the index. It’s shaky, at best, and you constantly have to work to maintain your index position.

Referral traffic can also be unpredictable. Blogs where you’ve built backlinks can go down over night. Article directories and get de-indexed. A dozen of your best followers could all be on vacation at once and nobody’s sharing your links.

But the people who come to your blog directly aren’t affected by these changes because they’re not relying on a search engine or someone to pass them a link.

Direct traffic is targeted

They’ve been there before and they keep coming back. They wouldn’t do that unless they were specifically interested in what you have to say.

Direct traffic is loyal

Once someone has bookmarked your blog or remembers your name, chances are they’ll keep coming back forever. It takes a lot for a blog to stand out from the crowd well enough to develop direct traffic. People either need to remember your name or your URL address or take the time to actually generate that bookmark. But once they do, as long as you keep supplying that great content that attracted them in the first place, they’re loyal for life.

Direct traffic is ready to buy

Visitors who choose to come directly to your blog do so because they like your message, which means they’re warm leads. They’re already pre-sold on whatever it is you’re offering. Make sure you do something to entice these people to join your list because eventually they’re going to be ready to buy.

How do you attract direct traffic?

Killer content is the first requirement. But direct traffic has to start someone and it’s usually the result of a referral link or an organic search. So make sure you’re working on link building and SEO.

Once these new visitors arrive on your blog, encourage them to bookmark your blog so they can easily find their way back. And don’t overlook the importance of having a domain name that’s easy to remember and spell.

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  1. Alex

    I think you’re right on a lot of issues you write about, but this one is really good. The best way to attract web traffic and followers is with killer content. You have it. I look forward to reading your posts. Good job.

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment Alex

  2. Mercedes

    What about networked Blogs or Bloglovin? What do those count as?

    1. I don’t know what you’re talking about

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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