Deliverability & Email Subjects: Pay Special Attention To Your Subject Lines

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How many times have you checked your spam folder only to find there are piles and piles of messages in there with no subject? The answer is probably quite a few times, and if this teaches us email marketers anything, it teaches us that email subjects are a very important metric.

Without an email title your message could well end up in a junk folder or a spam filter – and your deliverability rates will be affected. Make sure you add a title to every email that you send in order to maximize deliverability.

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What should I put for my title?

It’s totally up to you to devise a title for your email message. You should avoid misleading your users – don’t write things like “Make $1,000,000 in 5 minutes” – not only does that kind of thing anger your list, it will also make you easy picking for spam filters.

You should instead try to author a very concise, accurate subject for your email – so users know what they’re getting when they click through, and so that spam filters don’t take your email out unfairly.

It’s not just spam filters that you need to bypass with your subject line – it’s also that dismissive streak in your users. You don’t want them to scan through their inbox, see your message then think “that looks like rubbish” – you want them to scan through their inbox, see your message and think “oh wow – I wonder what this is!”.

You need to provoke intrigue with your subject line – but don’t go raising unrealistic expectations.

Communicate the benefit of your email in your subject

The best email marketers who make the most money are the ones who never ever neglect the subject field; they’re the ones who realize that a subject field is just as important as a call to action, and it’s the email equivalent of a headline.

If you don’t convey the benefit of reading your email message in its entirety to your users, they simply won’t do it. If you do convey the advantages though, there’s a lot more chance they will.

An example of a clear, concise email subject that would help entice users to open the message is:

Wave Goodbye To Your Boss & Start Working From Home As A Freelance Writer!

This subject line doesn’t setup any unrealistic expectations (it doesn’t promise you’re going to be making $1,000,000 a day like most similar schemes do). This subject is appealing to lots of people who simply don’t like their job, or their boss.

Of course this is just one example of an email subject line – how you write yours will depend on lots of variables like the niche that you’re operating in, and the products that you’re promoting.

Just remember that you need to be upfront with your subscribers at all times – because if you’re not they won’t open your message, they could mark it as spam, and you’ll probably find it hard to make any sales or conversions at all.

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