Delightful Thai Massage at La Villa Thai, Paris

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A very important thing to do in order to keep your motivation up, is to be able to review your work and realize when you are reaching one of your goals or any kind of success or achievement. Once you reach one of your goals, you should reward yourself for the work well-done. It will encourage you to keep up the good work and reach another level to treat yourself to another reward.

One thing to remember is to keep the reward on a realistic scale: if you reach an income of $10,000 you can’t buy a luxury car or a travel to the other side of the world. These rewards could be gifts, free-time, fun activity… Anything that you like and that will get your head out of work at least for a few hours if not for a few days.

As I’ve had a bunch of very encouraging results in my work (a consistent 5 figures income) in the past few months, and clearly needed a way to remove all the stress I accumulated with the workload of Dukeo’s launch, I decided to treat myself to a Thai massage at La Villa Thai.

la villa thai

La Villa Thai is the biggest traditional Thai massage parlor in Paris with 500 square meters (almost 5400 square feet) fully dedicated to well-being and senses stimulation.

You can see in the pictures that the place is clean and classy, bathed with a smooth blue light and a soft sound ambiance (this part, you can’t see, but trust me) that gets you on the path to being relaxed the minute you step into La Villa Thai.

la villa thai 1

Being a complete newcomer to this Thai massage thing, picking the massage type and duration was not an easy task, but the friendly team of La Villa Thai kindly helped me make a choice: an Aroma Thai Massage for 1h30 (there was a choice between 1h, 1h30 and 2h) which costs 115€ (around $150).

According to the staff of the massage parlor:

Aroma Thai Massage combines the invigorating effectiveness of the traditional Thai massage with the therapeutic benefits of the gentle application of essential oils.

The Aroma Thai Massage, smooth strokes and circular movements are used to completely relax the body.

We use essential oils to deeply relax the body, stimulate the circulatory system and make your skin beautiful.

After undressing and putting on some tiny black underpants (man, I felt ridiculous in these!) and a bathrobe, I’ve been taken by the masseuse to the part of the parlor where the magic happens: a room filled with some kind of bamboo canopy beds.

la villa thai 2

This Aroma Thai Massage was a really interesting experience and it delivered what I was expecting: it completely disconnected me from work for a few hours and got me totally relaxed.

I must add that after the massage, I was offered some Green Tea in the Lobby/Bar even though they didn’t know I was going to write this post :)

As a conclusion, I’d say that this Aroma Thai Massage at La Villa Thai was a delight and I might even take a Frequent User Card to go there once every two weeks to get relieved from work’s stress.

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  1. Flash Games

    You must have had a great time, the place looks neat! It’s important to get the stress out or you’ll end up completely cracking down.

    1. It was a total relief. The place was awesome.

  2. This doesn’t sound like something I would have enjoyed, I prefer going to the gym or running in the park.

    1. Lately I didn”t have time to go to the gym because I have way too many projects going on at the same time. I have to work better on my time management.

  3. First Website

    Man… I’m jealous! Was the masseuse hot? :D

    1. Well… Yes she was hot but that’s not the point ;)

  4. Jose

    Did you leave “happy”?

    1. This is a very classy massage parlor. Nothing shady happening there.

  5. Rconnoriii

    Thai massage if done right and last 2 hrs minimum is the best in the world….Looks like a real nice place!

    1. I completely agree.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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