Credibility: How To Build Your Own Credibility And Make It Last

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There are some bloggers out there who could tell you the Moon is made of Swiss cheese and you’d just automatically accept it as truth because they have such a high level of credibility. Then there are other bloggers who could tell you that 2 + 2 = 4 and you’d say, “Yeah, right. Like I’m gonna believe anything YOU say.” What makes a blogger credible? More important, how can you build credibility with your blog?

Your Knowledge

If, at any point in any post, your readers can say, “This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” you’ve lost credibility, if you even had any to begin with. Does this mean you have to be the world’s leading expert in your niche? Not at all. But it also means you can’t present yourself as such if you’re not.

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If you don’t know something for a certainty, or if you’re only guessing, then don’t try to pass it off as a fact or an expert opinion. Yours isn’t the only blog your visitors read and eventually they’re going to see through your ruse.

If you’re not an expert, that’s OK, but you only have two choices:

  • If you don’t know it, don’t blog about it
  • If you don’t know it, admit it to your readers

Your Clarity

We’ve all had teachers or college professors who wer experts in their fields but they couldn’t teach it to save their lives. They rambled off-topic, they weren’t good at giving their audience a visual, they didn’t have a strong command of the language, they were shy or unwilling to take a stand. They may be experts but because we weren’t able to learn from them and they didn’t command our attention they lack credibility.

To build your credibility as a blogger learn to write in a firm, concise manner that compels the reader to follow your post to the very end. Take a stand. Give your readers your opinion and back it up with the facts, citing reliable, credible sources wherever possible.

Your Enthusiasm

Believe it or not, your readers make a direct connection between your enthusiasm for your topic and your credibility. It’s hard to be enthusiastic when you’re trying to get someone to believe something that you don’t believe in yourself. So, if you’re enthusiastic in your blogging your readers automatically assume you’re credible.

Enthusiasm doesn’t mean you have to be jovial and humorous, and that’s a good thing because humor is difficult to write. Enthusiasm means you can’t wait to publish your next post, and you can’t wait to tell your readers about something. You can’t wait to engage your readers in another conversation.

Your Concern For Your Readers

A large portion of your online credibility is derived from the care and concern you show your readers. Replying to comments and engaging with them when you see them in your social networks is one thing, but it’s also the care and concern you show with your content.

Are you meeting the needs of your readers? Are you answering the questions they have right now or are you just blogging because you like the sound of your own voice? Are you just giving them information or are you taking the extra step to show them how they can use that information to make their lives better?

Credibility isn’t something you’re born with, you have to eeeaaarrrnnn it, like the commercial says. And as you can see, your credibility level is entirely based on your interactions with your readers. To build your online credibility, focus not only on what you’re saying to your readers, but how you’re saying it, as well.

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  1. I feel that it is hard to become credilbe even when you provide incredible information. I have been blogging for over a year now and I am still trying to build my reputation. I have noticed that I have a full loyal followers. But building creditability is a difficult task. I think a lot of bloggers give up before they get there.

    1. Who said that blogging can make you successful fast? :) It can take years to build a following…

  2. Chris

    I find it extremely difficult to build credibility on the web these days.

    There are so many people competing for the same eyeballs…

    You really have to go over the top to build credibility and inspire trust from your readers.

    1. It sure takes a lot of work, but you see new people achieving it every month.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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