Cookie Content List: How To Get the Most Bang For Your Buck

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You know that creating something to entice subscribers to your email list is an important part of getting more subscribers and creating a responsive list, as well as engaging reciprocity to build a relationship with subscribers.

cookie content

However, a lot of bloggers don’t actually maximize the effect of their “cookie content” (also called “bait”, “sign up incentive” or any number of other things), instead just leaving it to sit in one small blurb on their website, all the while wondering why it’s not massively growing their email list. Instead of doing that, here’s a way to get the most bang for your buck from your cookie content, and grow your list in the meantime.

Make It Awesome

Hopefully it goes without saying, but your cookie content needs to be something really good. You should put in your full effort when working on it – make it good enough to pay for, and then give it away for free. Remember, you’re using this item to impress subscribers with the quality of your work, and make them want to buy a for-pay product when you release it. If you don’t do a good job on it, it totally backfires – you’ll just be another blogger with a mediocre “free ebook! just sign up now!” ad on their website.

Set Up a “Sales” Page For It

A side effect of so many bloggers offering something for free is that many people start to glaze over when they read about it. A short sentence about why your cookie content is awesome won’t cut it any more. Instead, set up a page on your blog to talk about how your content is going to help the readers, and why it’s good enough for them to give their email address to you. Then, when you talk about your cookie content other places, you can just put a link to the “sales” page and direct readers to that.

Create A Launch For It

If you quietly add the sales page and sign up forms to your website, without telling anyone that they’re there, chances are that it will go unnoticed by the majority of your readers. Instead, you should build anticipation around your cookie content – mention it in posts for the week or two before you release it, and dedicate a whole post to it when it goes live. Announce it on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure everyone knows you just released an awesome free resource and they can get it by signing up for your email list.

Feature It In Guest Posts

This is part of creating a launch. Take the launch off of your website, and write guest posts on a related topic to your cookie content. At the end of the post in your byline, after the normal sentence about yourself and your blog, say something like “…just released a free guide to (whatever your cookie content is about), which you can read about here (link to your sales page).” This is a tremendous help in getting the word out.

Using these tips, you can create a lot of buzz and anticipation around your cookie content, and get the word out about it beyond your own blog’s readership. Done well, this tactic is guaranteed to bring you a huge spike in email list sign ups, and the sign ups will continue to come at a steady rate afterwards.

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