Consistent Production: Needed To Hit Blogging Success

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Every blogger wants to succeed. Some measure that success in terms of how many readers they acquire. Others measure it in how widely known their blog becomes. However the most common way to measure success is in financial reward. You may use one of these or a combination of them to determine how successful your blog is. In the beginning you likely set up goals and have been working to meet them all along. What you may not understand is the best way to get there. The answer is much simpler than you would think. Success comes with effort. In other words, if you truly want to see a successful blog then you need to have consistent production.

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blogging success need consistent production

What exactly does that entail? Well most of the blogs that continue to thrive do so because the blogger puts the efforts that are required into it. They do not post randomly whenever the mood strikes. They post on a schedule. Many of them post daily. They constantly provide their readers with new and fresh information to read. These bloggers understand that even though this is a job they enjoy, it is still a job. That means it requires work and they are willing to put that work in.

Getting started is easy. You generally have your blog idea and several thoughts for topics that you want to cover. You may even be tempted to post several times in a day. Believe it or not, this can hurt you as bad as if you did not post enough. You want consistency, but you do not want to overwhelm your readers. They will get annoyed and find another blog to read. There are very few blogs that can get by with multiple postings per day. Unless you are offering information that is time sensitive, you need to spread your posts out so that readers have time to enjoy them.

Do not spread them too far. The average blogger needs to post at least three to five times a week. Those who are most successful are often posting daily. If daily is too much then determine how often you can do reasonably. Examine the success you want and what your target audience will expect. Then stick to it. If you skip posts your readers will get frustrated. You will lose many of them and also the chance for the thriving blog you had in your mind.

There are many things that work together to make a blog successful. However the most important factor is always going to be your production. If you do not put in the effort, you can expect to see any benefit. Blogging can be enjoyable but should still always be considered a job. Give yourself a schedule and keep it. Know what your readers want to see and how often. Make it a point to blog even when it is the last thing you feel like doing. Then you can look at those goals you have and see that not only are you meeting them, you are exceed them.

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  1. Mike

    Wonderful post, I love hearing about the necessity and benefits of hard work. Nothing in this life is free and easy, it’s always going to take dedication and perseverance to get the biggest and best things accomplished, and writing a blog is no exception. Nice work on this one.

  2. Anon

    Yes, yes, hard work is all well and good. But aren’t there other tricks and tips to reach success? I know it’s not supposed to be easy, but there has to be something else besides just consistent posting…

    1. Samie

      I think it’s important to start there and work your way up… The rest will come. Plus if you need any more advice, read some older posts, this blog is bursting at the seams with idea and good advice!

    2. Anon

      You’re definitely right, there is a lot of content here. I just hate short answers like “Work harder” or something like that. I want concrete facts and proven methods, you know? But you’re definitely right, I can take the time to search a little more.

  3. Sarah

    Love this, it’s definitely motivating to read, and the picture inspires me as well since I have been wanting to get back into shape after having my baby but just haven’t been able to find the will to do so. After reading this, I think I just might be able to now. Let’s get to work!!

    1. John

      My wife has just started working out again, and she does yoga and absolutely loves it. You should give it a try, she says it’s hard but very relaxing at the same time.

  4. Jony

    That picture makes me want to start running again, gotta get back in shape! All around a very inspirational post. Thank you.

    1. Michelle

      Boy, you said it! I’ve been meaning to start jogging on a regular basis. So much for that New Year’s Resolution.

    2. Jony

      It’s so true, they never really work out the way you think they will. You start with all the motivation in the world, and the POOF it’s gone. Maybe it’s just going to have be a bite-the-bullet thing.

  5. Liz

    I find that consistency is definitely key… If you post every day, even if it’s not your best work, you will get into the habit and it will not be a problem. Your posts will get better and better as it becomes routine! Practice, Practice, Practice!

  6. Mitch

    The worst thing you can do is post too often and have shitty content. If you’re posting all the time but it’s just useless fluff, then that is definitely going to turn readers away. If your content is good and there’s a couple of days between posts, your readers are still more likely to want to read more.

    1. Shad

      You said it, brother. I think the magic formula is “Quality Content + Consistency – Posting Too Often = Success”

  7. Gorman

    This article touches on it briefly, but I think one of the most important aspects of successful blogging is figuring out who your target audience is, so you know who it is you are writing for. Especially if your target audience has changed since you started your blog. It happens, and you need to make sure you are in the know.

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