Consistent Blogging: 4 Tips You Should Apply

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The key to a successful blog is consistency. However, life is unpredictable and often things can arise that prevent you from blogging as often as you should. Fortunately, with these tips, you will be able to create a consistent schedule for blogging. You will be able to gain more readers, and make more money.


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  • Create Your Topic List: Deciding on a topic may be one of the roadblocks standing in your way of blogging regularity. By writing up a list of topics that you plan to write about, you will know exactly where to start as soon as you sit down to begin you next blog post. In addition, when you have a list of all of the topics that you write on, it will be easy to see the subjects that you have already covered in order to avoid duplicate content or multiple postings on the same topic.
  • Create A Buffer Zone: There is no denying that from time to time life can get a little out of control. It is just a fact that you must face every day. Unexpected hurdles can creep up at any moment without warning. When this happens, you time to blog is considerably decreased and disrupted. By creating a buffer zone with pre-written material that you can simply cut-and-paste to your blog site, you will be able to maintain consistency even if you are not able to write a new blog entry every day.
  • Use Your Downtime Wisely: Decide on a specific time each week that you will spend writing entries for your blog. It is a good idea to write at least one or two additional entries when you have the time to enhance the previously described buffer zone. For example, if you have time Sunday before church, write a post. Tuesday while you are waiting on your favorite television drama to come on, write a couple more posts. If you use all of your downtime to write posts for your blog, you will develop a buffer zone that allows you to take lengthy vacations at your leisure.
  • A Hard Habit to Break: Once writing for your blog becomes a habit, you will become a more efficient blogger. Start by setting aside a specific amount of time every week to work on your blog. When you sit down to write in the same place at the same time on a regular basis, you will soon be blogging on autopilot.

If you want to maintain a blog, but have little time or talent for writing posts, you can hire a skilled ghostwriter to do the work for you. Simple provide the writer with a topic list, or you can even get them to create one on their own for you to approve. In some cases, you can even hire someone who will not only write the post, but also submit them to your blog.

Keep in mind that a combination of the mentioned tips is ideal for blogging success. For example, you can use your topic list to write entries for your blog ahead of time. Make it a point to write as many of your articles beforehand as possible. Keep a file on your computer called “Blog Entries”.

Whenever you have some free time on your hands, spend it writing articles from your topic list. This will create a major buffer zone to help you keep up your blogging schedule. You may also want to write a few posts on your own and hire someone to do the rest.

The only way to increase readers and achieve blogging success is to be consistent. With these tips, you should be able to develop an unswerving blogging schedule that works for you.

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  1. Mike

    Can even a skilled ghostwriter do justice to your blog? I have doubts!

  2. Webdesign Studio

    Deciding on a topic “is” the major roadblock for most bloggers especially greenhorns.

    1. There are so many possibilities that it can be hard to make a choice… You can always pick a wide niche and get more targeted over time once you figure what you prefer.

    2. Webdesign Studio

      You’re right! Picking a “wide niche” is important.
      Thanks for your reply :)

    3. I would like to add the word “popular” to it. A ‘popular niche’ is what one must look to.

  3. Flash Games

    Great Tips! I liked the second one most – “Create a Buffer zone”. True! We often forget that!

    1. And it’s probably one of the most important !

  4. Mitch

    The key to a successful blog is consistency. I totally agree. Thanks for the wonderful post :)

  5. Sarah

    Keep a file on your computer called “Blog Entries”. I like this idea.

  6. Samie

    Deciding on a specific time each week to spend writing entries for my blog is what I find the most difficult task :(

    1. Affmaster

      I guess, with practice it won’t be much of a difficult task!

  7. Sad Music

    Nice blogging tips! By the way, do you think opting for ghostwriters can really work especially if you’re to maintain consistency in posts?

    1. Well, I don’t know much about ghostwriting so I am unsure how to reply to this one…

    2. Sad Music

      Nevermind Steven…I was just curious :)

  8. John

    “Use Your Downtime Wisely” I find that point most useful.

  9. Mitch

    Nice tips! By the way, writing posts on Sundays before church, that’s a real tough one for me :)

    1. Gorman

      Nice point you made Mitch :D

  10. writing at least one or two additional entries as backup is a practical thing to do! We’ll follow that.

  11. Irene Enriquez

    Consistency is something that I really struggle with when it comes to maintaining my blog. The tips you’ve shared in this post are really practical. Although I don’t think I’d be willing to hire a ghostwriter. :) I need to stick with a blogging routine until it becomes a habit. Thanks and more power! :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by Irene! At least one of the things you can do is create the Buffer Zone. Also, from what I heard, for something to become an habit, you need to do it every single day for a full month. How many days left for you? ;)

    2. Irene Enriquez

      That’s true. I think it takes 21 days to become a habit. I’m actually working on that. I actually have successfully implemented new habits in my personal life such as excercising everyday. Now, I just have to apply the same thing to my blogging routine. The problem with me is I stop blogging when I’m depressed or I’m working on other projects. But right now, I’m working on never neglecting my blogging duties whatever happens on my personal life. :)

    3. As I was saying, having a buffer zone can definitely help you when you are not motivated to blog. It helps keeping your blog alive even if you don’t write on a particular day :)

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