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Consistency Is A Very Important SEO Factor

Steven January 24, 2013 2 responses SEO 7 views

There are all kinds of things you can do to improve your WordPress SEO. From keywords to tags to load time, almost everything you do on your blog will effect your search engine ranking. But one of the most important factors you need to focus on is consistency, and this is the area where a lot of bloggers fall short.

A few years ago a popular blogging method suggested that you set up your new blog, load it up with 75 or 80 blog posts, launch it and move on. Come back a few months later – if you come back at all – add 75 or 80 more, and move on again.

In the beginning, this method was great. You were basically flooding the market with a ton of fresh content and attracting hundreds of links and thousands of visitors, all at once. The search engines, especially Google, couldn’t help but recognize this newcomer to the marketplace.

However, over time, the value of those incoming links starts to fade. Without adding fresh content, eventually all those links are worthless. Worse, because you haven’t added anything new you’re also not attracting any traffic. Everybody’s already seen what you have to offer. Without consistent traffic you’re not building any new incoming links to replace those that are fading in value. Your blog is essentially dead.

Google has suggested that part of their algorithm looks at the pace at which your blog or website grows. Publishing tons of new content all at once, attracting hundreds of backlinks all at once, and then disappearing from sight for months – or possibly forever – signals to Google that you’re not really interested in providing content that’s relevant to your readers. How could you be when you’re not sticking around to find out what they want?

What Should You Do?

The issue isn’t how much content you start with. Go ahead and load up 75 or 80 articles if that’s what it takes to launch an authoritative site. In some cases it might take that much content to present all of the necessary information in a way that’s easy for the search engines to find and sort.

The real issue is consistency, posting new, fresh content on a regular basis. You may post 5 days a week, twice a week, or only twice a month, but the key is to publish consistently.

Publishing on a regular basis shows Google that you’re committed to providing the content your readers are looking for today, right this minute. You may have published a killer article last winter about Lindsay Lohan’s legal problems but a lot has happened since then, and your readers want to know about it. And Google wants to make sure they find the information they’re looking for.

Publishing consistently also shows Google that you’re engaging with your audience. In the beginning there may be only a limited amount of information you can start with, but your readers are always going to have questions. Before Google rewards you with a higher index position, they want to be sure you’re going to be around to give them the answers.

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  1. Will

    How many posts per day do you publish? Do you write them all yourself?

    1. Steven

      Lots. Yes. :)

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