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Commission Streamer reminds us that you must learn to stay ahead of the curve if you want to be successful making money online. The Internet moves at a very fast pace, faster than us mere mortals out here in the real world. And if you want to get your share of the pie, you have to move even faster. What’s it all about? Well, let’s take a look.

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After spending an entire day researching Commission Streamer, the best way to tell you what it will do is to start by telling you what you won’t do.

Commission Streamer promises you hordes of hungry buyers and crazy conversions, but not in the typical ways we’ve all become accustomed to. For example, PPC is definitely out. According to the creators, PPC is no longer a viable means of generating traffic, unless of course you have a lot of money burning a hole in your pocket. Fact is, unless you’re a major corporation with an advertising budget that could support a small country you can’t afford Google Adwords anymore. And the traffic you do manage to generate with your teeny tiny advertising budget won’t convert anyway.

You also won’t learn anything about PPV marketing, or mobile marketing because PPV traffic is about as far from targeted as you can get and nobody buys products from a cell phone. And social bookmarking is a complete waste of time unless you have a huge, highly targeted following and even then, nobody goes to bookmarking sites looking for solutions.

Commission Streamer also won’t force you to spend hours every day writing endless SEO articles for submission because, frankly, article marketing is old hat. All the best directories are over-saturated and articles are expensive and ineffective.

And finally, you won’t have to get involved with all that tedious blogging or link building or article spinning or bookmarking or… well, all that boring stuff that’s normally associated with Internet marketing.

So, the creators are essentially telling us that all of the traditional methods used to drive traffic and promote products are tired and over-used and won’t work any more. Now that you know what you won’t be focusing on, let’s take a look at what you will.

Proprietary Software Package

The software included in Commission Streamer is a unique blend of several marketing tools. First, a keyword research tool to help you discover those untapped, profitable niches. Second, an article scraper that pulls snippets of relevant content from around the Web. Next is an article spinner which takes those snippets and automatically turns them into unique content. And finally, an automatic article submitter which submits your new articles to hundreds of sites around the Internet.

This software package takes all the work out of content creation and article submission. In fact, even keyword research is almost effortless.

Affiliate Marketing With Videos

All of that software is just a warm-up. The main focus of Commission Streamer is to show you how to use video content to promote affiliate products – mainly Amazon – and generate Adsense income. Everybody knows the benefits of using videos to promote your products and websites. Searchers will choose video content over text in almost every case. Video marketing has two problems though, which this product addresses:

Video Syndication: In order to get those valuable backlinks from your video content you need to syndicate it just like you do your articles. But uploading a video takes a lot more time and effort than uploading an article. It takes massive amounts of time to properly syndicate your video content. This product shows you how to work your videos so you get better conversions in less time.

Income generation: Let’s face it, it’s easy enough to get the viewers’ attention with a video but how do you get them to click a link? You can’t, because you can’t put a clickable link in your video. While they do grab the traffic, it’s a little more difficult to monetize a video. This product shows you the tricks you can use to make money with Adsense ads and your Amazon affiliate link. You know videos are going to attract more traffic. Now you can start making some money.

Commission Streamer includes a series of excellent How-To videos to walk you through the software and explain the strategy involved in video marketing. It also has a members area on the inside for users to discuss strategies and share information.

If you’ve tried all those old-fashioned, out-dated marketing methods and you’re ready for the next generation of Internet Marketing strategies, then Commission Streamer has some interesting new tricks you’ll want to learn.

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