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I love commenting on blogs. It makes me feel like part of a community and I do it a lot. I also have my own blogs where people leave comments for me, so over the years I’ve read more than my fair share of blog comments. And one thing I’ve noticed is – there are a lot of people out there who have no concept of blog etiquette. Maybe they think they’re writing a letter or something, or maybe they just don’t realize the whole world can see their message.

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better blog commenting

Anyway, to address just one of those blunders, here’s why you should avoid leaving your blog name on comments.

You look stupid: There. I said it. You just look stupid. “Hi, Jane. At my blog,, I talked about this exact same topic and I said…” Look. We all know where your blog is. It’s linked to your name!

Most blogs these days have the same format for comments: You enter your name, your URL (your BLOG address) and your email address. When your comment is accepted and published on the site, your email address is invisible, but your name automatically becomes a link – back to your blog. You just look stupid when you include your blog name in your comment, like you don’t know how comments work. Why would I want to visit the blog of someone who is apparently a nit-wit?

You look spammy: This kinda goes back to the “You look stupid” thing because you think WE’RE all stupid enough to fall for your spammy comment. If we want to visit your blog we will. We’ll click on your name which is linked to your blog – assuming you’re intelligent enough to add the URL when you enter your comment.

You’re being intrusive: Including anything in your comment, other than your comment, is intrusive and distracting and it pulls readers away from the content. The purpose of comments is to build a community, engage readers in a discussion. Nine times out of ten, when you include your blog name in the comments, you capitalize or bold it or it stretches across a page. You do something to draw attention to it which distracts the reader. You’re actually being rude!

What should you do instead?

Leave comments that contribute to the conversation and engage other readers. Leave intelligent, thought provoking comments that make readers sit up and take notice. In other words, if you impress those readers with your wit, wisdom and expertise and give them a reason to come to your blog, you won’t even have to mention the name of your blog. They’ll happily click on your name and follow your link.

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  1. Pauline

    Hi Steven
    The point of visiting blogs and leaving a comment is to read the bloggers post and leave a valid comment about that post, plus we know we are going to get a backlink to our blog. You are so right here we do not need to talk about OUR blog, it is rude in my opinion, if your comment is good then the blog owner will visit your blog as well as some of their readers so why would anyone put their Blog URL into the comment. I will sometimes link to someone else’s blog if I want to share anything that they have posted on the same subject.
    Thanks for sharing this post, maybe some people are not aware that this is not practice.

    1. Thanks for your comment Pauline. You are absolutely right: if your comment is good, people will click on your name to see what you’re writing on your own blog. No need to push it.

  2. Bravo
    It so strange how the etiquette of IRL goes out the window in URL
    Thanks for sharing

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Lori

  3. Bojan - Alpha Efficiency

    I completely disagree with this one. Plus I haven’t seen any worth awhile reason to backup your claim.

    Nobody complained, as I use my name along my blog. It’s good for branding purposes, and helps people get to know what the commenter is about, if blog name conveys it.

    1. Bojan, I’m talking about people who plug their own blog in the comment itself.

    2. Bojan - Alpha Efficiency

      As a signature?

    3. exactly!

  4. Ailis

    Very interesting. Can you help me out on one point please as I am new to blogging ? You mention that your ‘name’ will be linked to your blog – how do you do that? E.g. In the details usually required I have always understood ‘name’ to be any name you might want to use e.g. Your first name , second name , but if you click on my NAme – it’s just that . I do put in the website that relates to my blog though . Would welcome clarification on this. Thank you

    1. Check the comment you just posted. You’ll notice that your name is a link to your website.

  5. Steven, I agree, the purpose of a comment should always be to add something valuable to the page, not promote yourself.

    Even commenting “nice article” everywhere you go is better at first blush but quickly begins to look like spamming as well.

    That said, I’ve been going a bit easier on folks that add their blog in a non-promotional signoff, particularly with comment platforms (like Disqus in particular) that make it quite difficult to trace back to someone’s blog from a comment.

    1. You have no idea how many people try to plug their own website in my comments… It takes me forever to edit the comments. If it keeps increasing, I’ll just delete every comment with a link in it, or I might setup WordPress to do that automatically.

  6. Mehrunisa Qayyum

    Thanks for highlighting a point that many mistakenly do, especially if they mean well. I’ve noticed that this happens a lot with college kids who are eager to get mentioned on other blogs, and I don’t have the heart to tell them that it’s not the best way to build a network, unless I can explain it face to face.

    1. Most of the time, I just edit the comment and remove the link. I’m not interested in having shameless self-plugs all over the comments of my blogs.

  7. I never thought people needed this to be spelt out, but I guess there are one or two nit-wits about… Gosh, I was so so sorely tempted to put the name of my blog here… naw… joking. Good point though!

    1. Unfortunately, a lot of very basic things need to be said online… As people tend to forget the most basic things.

  8. Definitely agree! In addition the points above, some spam filters will automatically reject any comment with a link in it, so you’re just totally wasting your time.

    1. You’re right Kristin!

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