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CollabPress WP Plugin: Project and Task Management

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Contrary to popular belief, a lot of us web-workers are not isolated in our room working alone on projects like mad scientists. Networking and developing the ability to work as a team are important assets to reach success online. A lot of us are using freelancers to complete some tasks we either don’t have time to do, or simply don’t know how to do.

The problem, once you have hired freelancer is to keep your eye on the various tasks and projects. As your business grow it become more and more complicated to keep an eye on everyone. If you are facing this issue, or if you are planning on hiring some freelancers, CollabPress is definitely the WordPress plugin you need.

collabpress wordpress plugin

CollabPress WordPress Plugin adds project and task management functionality to your WordPress blog. You can easily create projects and tasks for each project from now on.

Here is a short list of this plugin features:

  • Unlimited projects, task lists, tasks, and comments
  • Easily edit/delete projects, task lists, tasks, and comments
  • Front-end shortcode support
  • File upload on projects, task lists, task, and comments
  • Email notifications for new tasks and comments
  • Task due dates with a calendar view
  • Uses built-in WordPress user accounts
  • Activity log tracking all activity

Download CollabPress here.

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