Change The World: 3 Ideas to Do It with Your Blog

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Until you really start blogging and bringing in some traffic it’s hard to wrap your mind around the fact that your blog is literally visible to anyone, anywhere in the world. But once you do realize it, it becomes easier to see the possibilities. Not only can you build a blog to make money, you can also use your blog to make a difference in the world.

blogging identity

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Whenever you have people following your blog they all have at least one thing in common – whatever it is you’re blogging about. But they have other things in common, too. For instance, they all like you, and they most likely all share the same opinion you do about the products you’re promoting.

But the one big thing they all have in common is the fact that they’re members of the same community – the community which surrounds your blog. This sense of community means your readers all feel a closer bond. If one asks a question the others jump in to answer. If one has a problem the others all sympathize and want to help. This tight-knit, world-wide community you’ve assembled makes it possible for you to reach out and change the world.

Host a fundraiser on your blog

Bloggers all over the world raise money for a every cause you can imagine. Locally, they might blog to help find homes for dogs and cats or raise funds to support their schools, people in the community who’ve been victims of crime or natural disaster, or support a youth group. On a national level they might support national charities like Breast Cancer Awareness or The March of Dimes. And internationally, well the possibilities are really limitless when you consider everything that’s going on in the world today.

Write a blog post to give your readers complete information about the cause you’re raising funds for. Make sure you link out to their website so your readers can see it’s a legitimate organization. If possible, direct your readers to the organization’s own donation button instead of putting one on your own blog. This relieves you of the responsibility of handling that money and your readers feel more comfortable donating directly to the organization.

Tell your readers how they can help

Sometimes it’s not about money. In the case of a natural disaster people need food, clothing and shelter, first and they need rescue workers and medical assistance. Write a blog post to let your readers know what’s going on and how they can help.

Help bring attention to the cause

Some worthy organizations need help getting their message out to the world. If there’s a cause you believe in, contact the organization and see if they’d like to publish a press release on your blog or maybe the president of the organization would grant you an interview.

Any time you’re using your blog to support a cause it should be a cause you truly believe in. You’re going to have to take a stand when you publish your blog post and it might ruffle a few feathers. In most cases you’re not risking your followers at all because remember, they already believe in you. But don’t promote a cause just to have something to promote. Your readers will see right through you.

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