Celebrating Birthdays at Kong Restaurant, Paris

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Saturday night was a double celebration. Indeed, we had to celebrate for my 30th birthday as well as the birth of my newest project: Dukeo. This day which was already an important date to me, is going to be twice as important from now on.

As I want this exact day to be a very important landmark on my personal and business path, we had to go for an unforgettable celebration. This is why I went with a few friends to a very nice restaurant, located in the heart of Paris, called Kong.

kong restaurant paris

This restaurant, located on the last level of an Haussmann-style building has been totally renovated by a trendy french designer: Philippe Starck. The whole roof has been replaced by glass, giving an amazing view on the surrounding buildings and the Seine which is just a few meters away.

The decoration is an encounter between Paris and Tokyo served by a mix of classical and modern furniture making it a truly unique place.

kong restaurant paris

For starters, we had “Ravioli of prawns and crab”, “Duet of foie gras”, “Scampi tartar with lime & ginger” and “Tomato mozarella glam chic”. Directly followed by “Chateau filet with pepper sauce and french fries”, “Roasted lamb chop with mashed potatoes”, “Roasted duck breast and Kumquat” and “Black Cod with Miso”.

Of course, we had some wine with all this (we are french after all). The two bottles of Bordeaux Haut Médoc were exactly what we needed!

And we couldn’t leave without taking desserts, so we had “The all chocolate with chocolate fondant cake and dark chocolate”, “2000 feuilles”, “Infinitly vanilla tart” and “Carrément chocolat”.

On average, the food was very good, but probably a little overpriced as we ended up with a $470 bill for four people. One will say that you are paying the view…

kong restaurant paris

After such a dinner, we definitely needed some exercise. So, following the advice of a friend, we went to the “What The Funk?” party to finish the night.

I won’t forget this night and apparently my friends won’t either because it was a lot of fun and we headed back home only at 5am (which generally happens only when we are drunk and partying).

Now that I am done with the hangover, it’s time to get back to work and get some serious stuff done! Dukeo is not going to build itself on its own!

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  1. King Kong

    This restaurant just looks awful!

    Moreover, who spends almost $500 on a single meal??

    1. John

      Are you kidding? The place looks AWESOME!

    2. I agree with you John, I loved the place

    3. Regarding the price, this was a double birthday: mine and Dukeo’s. This is enough of a reason to me!

    4. Jeff

      Dude, $500 for four people. Reasonable for a classy restaurant I think.

  2. First Website

    It must have been great, stunning view

    1. The view on Paris was really nice indeed

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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