Buying Blog: Tactical Advantage or Achille’s Heel?

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Take a quick spin around and you’ll see just how popular it is to buy and sell blogs. It’s definitely a booming business. But before you go plopping down your hard earned money for that pretty little blog, you need to make sure it’s tactically advantageous.

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Tactically advantageous is another way of saying, “Will that blog fit in with your marketing plan?” Here are some reasons people buy already-established blogs:

  • It has a killer domain name: Is that the domain name you’ve been waiting for? You can always delete the blog and start over if the content doesn’t suit your needs.
  • It already has plenty of traffic: It takes a lot of time and work to build up substantial traffic figures. If you can buy a blog that addresses your target audience and already has a following, you jump light years ahead.
  • It has plenty of high-quality content: Blogs with plenty of high-quality content are probably also already getting traffic, which makes them doubly attractive.
  • It has a unique design: I remember when everyone started getting into videos. The demand for nice custom themes that put the spotlight on videos was huge. While you can always buy a custom theme somewhere, if you can get a unique blog design that also includes content, why not?

What to look for before you buy an established blog

You can always do something with an established blog and even if it’s just a brand new blog that someone built for the lone purpose of flipping it’s still a good investment because it has content. But, whether or not that blog will fit into your business plan is another story. Here are some things to look for:

  • The Domain: Check to make sure it’s not been blacklisted by the search engines for some reason. You don’t want to buy a blog you have no chance of indexing because the search engines all think that Domain is owned by a spammer.
  • The Pagerank: Although pagerank isn’t a firm indicator of anything and Google says they don’t even look at it anymore, it’s still something to consider. A large percentage of pagerank is determined by the number of inbound links. This lets you know how much respect and authority that blog has already earned.
  • The Content: Read the content. Is it original? Does it present unique ideas or is it just a re-hash of the same stuff you see everywhere on the Web? Is it really relevant to your business needs? If you can’t use it all, how much can you save?
  • The Traffic: Always ask for proof of traffic figures for at least the last three months. Don’t accept sources of proof that the owner could easily Photoshop. As to have the Google Analytics reports email directly to you from Google.
  • The Audience: What audience is being targeted with the existing content? If you’re a male blogger and the previous owner is talking about her experiences in her own voice, addressing an all-female audience, will this traffic be of any help to you? And if so, will they stick around when you take over?

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Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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