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Bring The Fresh uses a big tomato plant as their logo to show you that if you follow their plan, utilizing their fresh take on proven techniques, your Internet business will grow and prosper. It’s not one of those flashy websites by any means, which kinda makes you wonder – Are these guys for real?! The answer is – Yes, they are! And so is Bring The Fresh.

bring the fresh

Created by Kelly Felix and Mike Long, Bring The Fresh doesn’t promise you’ll be rich over night. What it does promise is to show you how to build quality, top ranking, money sucking niche sites – quickly.

The basic premise is simple – Take keyword research, keyword rich domain names, SEO content and backlinks, and wash, rinse and repeat, wash, rinse and repeat. And you’ve probably seen that same technique in about a thousand other Make Money Online products. But, seriously? All those others pale by comparison.

There are three things that make Bring The Fresh, well…. fresh. And unique. And successful.

The Technique: BTF is much more than a method for cranking out dozens of cookie-cutter affiliate sites. Remember when the Amazon autoposter was all the rage and everyone was buying domains and setting up sites like there was no tomorrow? Well, those sites are long gone thanks to Google and their pet panda.

BTF teaches you how to build quality sites with quality content. Sites that will stand the test of time and remain standing. Sites that rise in the index instead of slowly slipping away into obscurity.

Bring The Fresh focuses on quality content and backlinks. The content you’ll be using can be outsourced or written by you. And if you want to write it yourself you’ll find plenty of helpful writing tips. But you’ll learn two types of writing – regular content writing and copywriting.

The regular content writing used in your sites is your standard blog-type writing: list articles, how-to articles, nothing special. But the copywriting is what makes the difference. You’ll learn the difference between content that informs and content that compels the reader to take action.

The Support: The site is filled with high-quality video tutorials to walk you through every step of the process. Now, most of those ‘other‘ sites will tell you the exact same thing but a lot of them use PLR videos that they found lying around the Internet. The videos you’ll find at BTF are different. They’re real, made specifically for BTF and they actually show you every single step you need to take.

The Members Only Forum: Ask any member and they’ll tell you it’s a toss up. Which is better – the PDFs and videos or the Members Only Forum? The forum at Bring The Fresh is one of the busiest, most informative, helpful forums I’ve ever visited. And that’s saying a lot because I’ve joined dozens of IM forums over the years.

Users share tips and tricks, discuss the best theme designs, share writing techniques, backlinking strategies and, in general, just help each other out. And because everyone’s working with the same program, you’re all on the same page.

It’s really hard to give you a review of Bring The Fresh without spilling all the beans and setting myself up for a lawsuit. So far, it sounds like any of the hundreds of other Make Money Online products. So what makes this one so special?

Probably the fact that it’s almost embarrassing how honest the creators are. Kelly Felix and Mike Long aren’t new to the Make Money Online niche and this isn’t their first product. But they come right out of the chute with this one and admit that, in the past, they’ve made a few mistakes. And this time around they want to give back to their supporters.

To make themselves and their motives completely transparent they give you their cell phone numbers, their personal email addresses, their Skype info, and they communicate directly with forum members instead of turning the whole works over to a bunch of mods.

Inside the site you’ll find a list of recommended tools you can purchase to make it even easier to build these sites and get them indexed. Most of them will cost you some money but none of them are necessary for your success.

The one thing I find that really sets Bring The Fresh apart from all the others is their Take Action – Take No Prisoners attitude. Because really, if you want to be a successful Internet marketer, that’s the attitude you need. If you’re not going to take action then don’t even bother buying this product.

But if you’re finally ready to stop messing around with all those junky products you’ve got sitting on your drive, if you’re finally ready to learn how to build and rank a quality, money-sucking site, then you need to get Bring The Fresh and watch your profits grow.

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