Blogging Teachings: 8 Amazing Lessons

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There are so many things you need to learn about blogging. You could potentially learn dozens of lessons a day. But those daily lessons will vary depending on how you choose to monetize and market your blog. You need the basic lessons that will provide a strong foundation for a amazing blog, do matter what direction you choose to go.

All Good Things Take Time

Forget about all that stuff you’ve read that says you can make money blogging in a weekend. It takes time to learn all the ins-and-outs of blogging, then it takes time to apply those lessons and build your blog. Killer content doesn’t just miraculously appear and neither does traffic. The best way to speed up the process is to be patient and keep your nose to the grindstone.

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On the plus side, you don’t have to know everything there is to know about blogging to get started and you can learn as you go.

You Have To Treat It Like A Business

If you want to build a successful blogging business then you need to treat it like a… business. That means you have to do market research, you have to plan ahead and get organized and schedule your daily activities. All the things you used to hate when you had a J.O.B.

Everybody thinks blogging is such an easy way to earn money and it’s such a glamorous lifestyle. In a way it is easier – you don’t have to punch a time clock every day and you don’t have to deal with grumpy bosses and whiny co-workers, and yeah, if you want to you can work from the beach or travel the world. But if you want to build a business then you can’t treat it like a hobby.

Quality Trumps Quantity Every Time

The Internet is buried in blogs now and you’ll probably never be the first blogger to do anything. And even if you are you’ll soon have competition. The only way to rise above the crowd is to focus all your efforts on providing top-quality content. Your readers can get general, low-quality information from at least a dozen other blogs. Give them a reason to choose yours when you deliver in-depth, well-written, relevant information.

Curiosity Never Killed Anyone

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but cats aren’t people. The more you tell your readers the more they’re going to want to know. You need to be curious, too, so you can answer those questions. It’s not enough to just convey the latest industry news. How will that news affect your readers? What else do they need to know?

Sometimes You Need To Move On

There are just so many different ways to generate traffic, so many different ways to monetize your blog, and so many different ways to do… everything. What works for one blog and one blogger may not necessarily work for another blog or another blogger, and there is no right or wrong. If you’ve tried something and given it your best effort and it’s just not working for your business then don’t be afraid to move on to something else.

You’re Going To Make Mistakes

Even high-ranking bloggers make mistakes every day so accept the fact that it’s going to happen to you – repeatedly. If you’ve never blogged before then you’re going to have to learn things. The best way to learn anything is through trial and error. If you’re afraid of making mistakes then you’ll never have the courage to move forward. Remember, mistakes don’t mean you’ve failed. A mistake just means you need to try again.

You Can’t Please Everyone

You are going to have all all kinds of people visiting your blog. Some of them are going to agree with every word you say and they’ll follow you forever. Others will disagree with everything you say and they’ll leave you nasty comments. Don’t take these personally. You simply can’t please everyone who’s going to end up on your blog and you really shouldn’t even try. Just be yourself and work at creating a connection with your loyal followers and forget about those trolls.

Be Remarkable

Focus on doing something remarkable every day. Today you could focus on creating a viral blog post, packed with information and insight, that makes readers sit up and take notice.

But you might not always have the time or the best idea for something “remarkable” blog post so concentrate on being remarkable in everything you do. Be the remarkable blogger who actually engages in conversation with his Facebook or Twitter followers. Be the remarkable blogger who sends out an interesting, entertaining newsletter instead of the guy who just blasts out affiliate links. Be the remarkable guest blogger who actually provides real information instead of just rehashing the same tired, old articles.

If you want your readers to think of you as an “Amazing Blogger” then learn keep these amazing lessons in the back of your mind at all times and use them to help you make wise business decisions.

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  1. Marty

    thanks for making sure you let everyone that it takes time to make money.I think it takes time to develop the other things on the list like quality and make enough mistakes in order to grow

    1. Thanks for your comment Marty

  2. Steven,

    Thanks for your insights. I think being remarkable is paramount. Many of your other ideas are so much common sense (although that seems to be in short supply, sometimes).

    Being remarkable takes innovation and creativity.Not everyone can achieve that.


    1. For some reason, people think that having a successful blog is all about thinking out of the box and trying to figure out the secrets that will explode your traffic… when common sense is the answer to so many of their problems.

  3. Rconnoriii

    Thanks Steven for your down to earth information. Have a great day on purpose!

    1. Thanks for your nice words Mr Connor

  4. Comocom

    Thanks for the excellent post! It was really interesting to read. True-to-life ideas will be of great use for those who really want to start their blog and sucсeed. Found some new thought to use and fully support your idea that all good things take time. And to extend you idea: good things take time and a lot of patiance!))Great work!

    1. Thanks for the nice words

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