Blogging Rules: Never Ignore These 6

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There are things you need to do when you’re blogging, such as build a brand, generate backlinks and drive traffic. These “things” vary from blog to blog and some “things” are more important than others. But there are also rules you need to follow when you’re blogging and the difference is that rules never change. Rules are rules no matter who you are, where you’re blogging, or what you’re blogging about. Here are six rules of blogging you’ll need to remember.

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Provide Valuable Content

There’s a reason you keep going back to the same blogs all the time: They provide the information you’re looking for. It might be news about your favorite celebrity, it might be blogging tips, it might be French lessons, but whatever it is you’re looking for you know that blog is always going to have it.

Post Regularly and Frequently

It’s important to understand that you need to post fresh content on a regular basis, and the more frequently you post the better. It’s also important to understand that your posting frequency will sometimes be dictated by your content. If you decide to blog about celebrity news then you need to know going into it that you’re going to need to post six, seven or more times each day, at least five days a week, otherwise you’re going to miss covering something. If you’re not up to the schedule demands then you need to choose a less demanding topic.

Whether you decide you want to post three times a week or five, it’s more important that you post regularly. Your followers will get comfortable coming to your blog five days a week and if you disappear for a week then they might think you’ve given up your blog. It doesn’t take long for people to lose interest and move on so you need to post on a regular schedule.

Join In The Conversation

One of the reasons people enjoy following blogs so much is because they can leave comments and meet new friends. But they also want to meet you and get to know you. When you join in their conversations you’re building a stronger bond but you’ll also learn more about your readers and what it is they’re looking for, which improves the quality and value of your content.

Find Your Unique Selling Point

Let’s face it, the Internet is papered with blogs and there is no such thing as an undiscovered niche anymore. No matter what you’re blogging about you’re going to have competition so you need to do something to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Promote a product no one else has heard of or create your own product to sell. Or find a unique approach to selling an existing product or give it a new use. Use video instead of images, use podcasts instead of text. Find something to make your blog unique.

Make It Easy For Your Readers To Connect

The most successful bloggers are connected with their readers, through email, the comments, and social networks. Make sure it’s easy for your readers to spot your social connect buttons and your contact page and point them to the comments at the end of each post. Let your readers know you’re ready to connect.

Make It Easy For People To Read

If you want people to read your blog then you’re going to have to make some concessions. Get rid of all those colorful headings, eliminate all those banners and ads that are only getting in the way, make sure your pop-up can be easily closed, use an easy-to-read font, use headings and sub-headings and bullet points. Most people who read online only skim the content, looking for the high-points. Make sure those high-points stand out.

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  1. Thomas S

    I think you forgot a couple:

    1: Write about something you’re passionate about
    2: Have an opinion.

    1. Thanks for your comment Thomas

  2. Rachael

    Hey there Steven Kerwe, thank you for such a great post!
    I have been doing #1, 2, and I am working on figuring out #4! :D

    If you get a chance to check out my company’s blog, please let me know what you think.


    1. Hey Rachael, no problem, I’ll check it.

  3. Raymond

    Thanks for the tips. I started a blog last May. Didn’t even know what I was doing, only that I had to do it ;)
    So all the advise is welcome.

    1. Congratulations on starting your blog Raymond! Good luck to you

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