Blogging Revenue: 6 Essential Steps To Make Money With A Blog

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There are almost as many ways to make money with your blog as there are stars in the sky, but they all boil down to two basic concepts: You can either make money directly with your blog, or you can make money because of your blog. What’s the difference? I’m glad you asked…

Making money directly with your blog is pretty easy to understand. You can promote affiliate products, sell advertising space, make money on PPC ads. In these cases, when someone visits your blog and performs a desired action, you make money.

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Making money because of your blog is a little different. You’ll see many blogs on the Web that have no visible means of monetization but that doesn’t mean they’re just personal blogs, created for fun. In most cases that blog is doing exactly what the blogger wants it to do: It’s pulling in visitors who could potentially turn into business leads.

Who Makes Money Because Of A Blog?

  • Freelance writers, designers, and artists might use their blog to attract potential clients.
  • Authors might use a blog to attract buyers for their book.
  • Accountants, lawyers, insurance salesmen, and doctors might use a blog to attract new clients and patients.
  • College students, professionals, and anyone who wants to move up in the world might use a blog as an online resume to attract employers.

The list of ways you can make money because of a blog is endless.

Why Bother Having A Blog If You’re Not Going To Sell Something?

People who make money because of their blog are selling something – themselves, their own products or their own services. The blog is simply an online billboard used to grab attention and generate leads.

6 Essential Steps To Make Money With A Blog

Choose A Niche: The most important thing you need to do is choose a niche that’s inline with whatever it is you plan to promote from your blog. For example, if you’re trying to attract clients for your website design business you’d want to blog about things like browser visibility, the importance of clean code for SEO, and how colors affect readers.

Become The Expert: As with any other blog you want to establish yourself as an expert. This is even more important when you’re trying to make money because of your blog. When you’re promoting affiliate products you just need to get your visitors to click through to the advertiser’s sales page where he does the selling. But when you’re making money because of your blog, the selling becomes your responsibility.

Use your blog as a showroom: If at all possible, create a portfolio of your work. If you’re a writing, put writing samples on your blog and link to other work you’ve published online. If you’re an artist, take pictures of your work and talk about it in blog posts.

Note: Be sure to protect your online images with watermarks if you don’t want other bloggers using them for their own blogs.

Make it easy for anyone to contact you: Your blog is visible to people all over the world. Unless you want your phone ringing at 3 a.m. You’ll want to include a contact form, an email address, and a fax number and chat address if appropriate. Put all of this information on one page and make sure that page is highlighted so potential clients don’t have to hunt for it.

Lead generation: You’ll find that many, many people will visit your blog but few will take the next step and contact you. Put an opt-in form on your blog to help generate leads. Give away something for free in exchange for the visitors email address.

Don’t promote anything else: One mistake that many bloggers make is to try to monetize their blog with affiliate products or ads. Because you’re pulling in targeted traffic the only ads or programs that would be effective are those that are in direct competition with… you. You’re trying to sell yourself. By placing any type of ad on your blog you’re giving your visitors an opportunity to go somewhere else for more information. If they want more information, you want them to ask you, not your competitor.

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Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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