Blogging Project: 3 Things You Should Think About BEFORE Blogging

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I recently read somewhere that a new blog is started every second of every day. That’s something like 31.5 million blogs a year. I also read that more than half of those blogs are abandoned after just three months. Here are three factors to consider to keep your blog from becoming one of the fatalities.

How Broad Is Your Topic?

Many blogs die a slow, painful death because the blogger has chosen a topic that’s either too broad or too narrow.

If your topic is too narrow: You may eventually run out of things to blog about. For example, I once helped a business contact set up a blog about autoclave repair. Now, autoclaves are pretty simple machines, even if it’s one of the large ones used to make airplane wings. After about six weeks we literally ran out of things to say. We spent another six weeks forcing ourselves to come up with new content and eventually just abandoned the blog.

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If your topic is too broad: There is no way you can effectively tell your readers everything there is to know about all dog breeds, their care and training, what they like to eat, how to breed them, how to house them, how to groom them, their ancestry, their history and so on. Consequently, if you had a blog called, “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Dogs” most of your visitors would be disappointed because you really can’t tell them everything they ever wanted to know, and you’ll eventually abandon this blog because it won’t produce any income.

Are You Motivated To Blog For The Long-Haul?

I look for two things when choosing a topic: One, my interest in the topic itself, and two, the money-making potential of that topic.

Your interest in the topic: You can use the word “passion” if you want, but I think you only need to be interested in the topic, enough that you won’t have to force yourself to continue to produce fresh, unique content. And remember, it may take a year or more before your blog starts producing steady income. You’re going to be blogging about this topic for a very long time.

The money-making potential of the topic: It doesn’t matter how passionate you are about a topic, if it’s not a profitable niche you’re going to have to work hard and be creative if you want to make money.

Here’s how I look at it: I look for topics that I’m interested in so I’ll be motivated to produce content and it also has to have a reasonable expectation of profitability so I’ll be motivated to do all the other work that goes along with blogging. If it doesn’t meet both those criteria, I move on.

Do You Have The Time?

There are all kinds of things that affect how quickly your blog starts making money. Your skill level, your marketing knowledge, your writing ability, even the products you promote. Choose a blog in a trendy niche and you could be making money tomorrow. Choose a less popular niche and it might take you longer to start earning but you might earn four times the money. How much time are you willing to invest?

If you already have a blog and you’re thinking of starting another, then you also need to consider what’s going to happen to that existing blog while you’re spending time starting the new one. There are only so many hours in a day.

There are bloggers who have thousands of dollars worth of domains sitting idle and millions of blogs are abandoned every year. Before you start your next blog, take a little time to think about it. If it’s a good idea today, it’ll still be a good idea tomorrow.

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