Blogging & Non-Technical Industries: How To Do It?

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I always try to present my blogging advice in such a way that it’s useful no matter what niche you’re blogging in. However, a lot of the advice you see around the blogging community only works if the people who read your blog are bloggers themselves, or at least understand the industry. These tips will help you blog more effectively when your readers are non-technical and aren’t familiar with how a blog works

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Invite your readers to subscribe via email instead of following your RSS feed. Many readers have no idea what RSS is, what an RSS reader is, or what it even means to subscribe to your feed. But most people are familiar with email. Clearly explain that they’ll get an email update sent directly to their inbox each time your post so they won’t miss a bit of your marvelous content.

Ask questions that encourage comments and then write a blog post that explains to your readers how to use the comments on your blog. If you’re using a Facebook comments plugin or a CommentLuv plug in then they might be a little bit leary. Show them how everything works and how they can control their privacy and put their fears to rest.

Be careful of words like subscribe, RSS, archives, navigation bar or other blogging jargon. To some readers, the word subscribe means they’re going to have to hand over some money, like for a magazine subscription. It istantly scares them away. When you use blogging jargon always be sure to explain what you mean for readers who don’t understand what a blog is or how it works.

If you’re looking for more readers to share your content on Facebook, why not do a series of blog posts showing them how to use Facebook? Mark Zuckerberg may say he has almost 900 million users but those numbers are nowhere near accurate. Whatever social network you’re trying to conquer, introduce your readers and show them how to use it. The plus is, they’ll be using your blog posts to learn with.

While you’re at it, show your readers how to friend or follow you in these social networks, not just how to share your content with their friends. The stronger your connection the more loyal your following so while you have them on Facebook show them how to like your fan page, too.

Make sure your readers can clearly navigate your blog. Don’t expect them to go digging through the archives for your best content because a lot of them don’t even realize you have an archives. Pull those key posts out and put prominent links in your sidebar so everyone can easily find them.

Assume your readers have never visited a blog before yours. Don’t assume your readers know to scroll down your home page to find a recent post. Don’t assume they know to click on that teeny tiny little read more link. Don’t assume they understand the cute labels you’ve given your categories or the little animal pictures you’re using to denote pages.

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  1. Tony Dowling

    Great advice!
    One of my pet hates is impenetrable jargon on blogs. I dont mind joining in and learning you and your community’s language, but please give me a chance to catch up!

    1. This is always a tricky question for bloggers… To write quality content, you need to be specific about your subject, but at the same time, you want to be understandable enough even for beginners in your field.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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