Blogging Mistakes: 42 Everybody Ought to Know

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Here is a list of 42 blogging mistakes everybody ought to know. Every new blogger runs into one or several of these mistakes, so I thought this might be helpful to warn you about them. Several mistakes in this list are directly inspired from my personal experience… But let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!


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1 / Not Updating: Once you decide on a blogging schedule, stick to it, no matter what! Imagine if a daily paper just skipped a day…

2 / Not Giving Value: You can write pointless article after pointless article, but if you’re not bringing value to your readers, they’ll just move on.

3 / Not Being Personal: Writing a blog is not like writing a newspaper. People want to hear what YOU have to say, so give your opinion and personal thoughts.

4 / Not Reading Comments: A blog is not a one way lecture. It’s all about exchanging ideas with your readers. Read your comments and answer every single one of them.

5 / Wanting to Get Rich Quick: Sorry to tell you that, but blogging won’t make you rich quick. It takes some time to build a successful blog.

6 / Blogging Only For Money: Do I really have to explain this one? There is little to no chance that blogging will make you a millionaire.

7 / Not Proofreading: Always double or triple check your spelling and grammar before publishing a post.

8 / Looking Cheap: If it looks like you are always nitpicking and always looking cheap, noone will read what you have to say.

9 / Not Being Original: You can always copy what is being said on every other blog in your niche, but if you don’t add your own twist, you will get nowhere.

10 / Not Giving a Full RSS: Who want to subscribe to a partial RSS Feed? Give a full RSS feed and watch your subscriber count go up.

11 / Not Networking in Your Niche: It’s important to build a relationship with your readers, but it’s also very important to build a relationship with the other bloggers in your niche.

12 / Putting all your Eggs in one Basket: If you are monetizing your blog, make sure you are using a wide variety of monetization methods. If one crashes, you’ll have other streans of income to support your effort.

13 / Lacking Vision: You need a goal to be a successful blogger. If you just wander without higher purpose, you’ll do yourself no good.

14 / Changing your Blog Name: Be very careful when you are picking your blog name. Changing your blog name or domain can have dramatic consequences with your readers and search engines.

15 / Not Focusing on 1 Blog: Only very experienced bloggers are able to manage several blogs at the same time because managing a single blog already requires a lot of organization.

16 / Running a Contest the Wrong Way: If your readers have a feeling that you are unfair to them, it could destroy the trust relationship you have battled so hard to build.

17 / Always Changing the Permalink Structure: Well, this one is quite obvious. If you keep changing your permalink structure, Search Engines won’t know were to find your pages and they won’t send you readers.

18 / Not Writing your Blog Posts a Few Days Ahead: Planning your blog posts a few days ahead gives you time to proofread your posts. It also give you some “free posts” if you lack inspiration for one day or two.

19 / Underestimate the Commitment: Building a successful blog takes a LOT of personal investment: mostly time but if you push yourself too hard you could burnout.

20 / Deleting your First Blog Post: Always keep your first blog post. You can edit it if you want, but try to keep it almost the same. You can come back to it from time to time to focus again on your initial vision.

21 / Ignoring the Basics of SEO: without proper SEO, your blog posts won’t get indexed properly by search engines and they won’t send you fresh readers.

22 / Being a CopyCat: If you just copy what other people are doing without adding your own twist, your readers will have no reason to come back to your blog.

23 / Lacking Persistence: Don’t give up too fast. Building a successful blog or website takes time and dedication, your efforts will be rewarded.

24 / Not Being Consistent: Regularity is the key to building a relationship with your readers. If you get them used to reading a new article from you every day, give it to them.

25 / Not Using Your Own Domain: who wants to read another blogspot blog? If you want people to take you seriously, take your business seriously too.

26 / Blogging for Wrong Reasons: don’t try to blog for fame or money, it simply won’t happen. Blog to share with people and wealth may come.

27 / Writing Poor Headlines: If you spend hours of hard work crafting great content, but just write poor headlines, you are shooting yourself in the foot.

28 / Procrastinating: When working in front of a computer, there is a lot of temptation to surf the internet and spend hours on social networks, but it just won’t do any good to your blog.

29 / Not Promoting your Blog: A blog is a great tool to promote itself, use your blog posts to advertise the new features you are bringing to your readers. They’ll love hearing that you are working hard for them.

30 / Not Promoting Yourself: You can definitely use your blog to promote services or items, but one of the most valuable things you can do is promoting yourself. Build up your reputation and you’ll be able to sell anything.

31 / Not letting your readers Subscribe to Your Content: Well, people want to bond with you, give them the opportunity. It can be through Facebook, Twitter, a Newsletter, RSS Feed…

32 / Becoming Obsessed with Blog Stats: It can appear to be a lot of fun watching stats piling up minute after minute, but while you are doing this, no work is getting done and it will eventually go down. Check your stats at most once or twice daily then close it for the day.

33 / Giving up too Early: If you launch your personal blog and don’t see a flow of readers after the first week of posting, don’t get discouraged, it will take time to build your readership, but if you work hard, it will eventually happen.

34 / Not being Focused: Don’t lose focus on what is taking your business forward. Let aside the things that are not bringing any value to your blog. Learn to prioritize.

35 / Delaying your Blog Launch: Things are never perfect! You can delay your blog launch as much as you want to get everything in its right place, but there will always be something bugging you. If you delay too much, it may never start.

36 / Not focusing on Building a Loyal Relationship with Readers: your readers are very important to the success of your blog. Without them, your blog is nothing. Listen to them and cherish them.

37 / Clutter your blog with useless stuff: don’t clutter your blog with useless shit. It will only make it harder for your readers to spot the real value of your blog.

38 / Writing about Broad Topics: Writing about broad topics won’t bring you a broad audience. Stay targeted to your niche and you’ll do wonders.

39 / Filling your Blog with Ads: If you put a thousand ads on your website, it really sends the wrong message to your audience (i.e. I want to make money out of you and I don’t care if you don’t get value out of the process).

40 / Being Useless: People on the internet are either searching for an answer to a problem, or looking for entertainment, bring them one of these 2 and you’ll be a success in no time.

41 / Writing for Search Engines: Don’t forget that your first target is made out of human readers, not search engines robots. Make sure your content is optimized for your human readers.

42 / Attacking other Bloggers: Controversy and personal attacks can bring you a nice flow of traffic, but I’m not sure you are going to attract the good kind of people. You may not want your readership to be filled with haters and trolls.

This list is just from the top of my head, if you think of any other blogging mistake, please share it in the comments, I’ll edit the post to add them.

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