Blogging Misconceptions: The Top 5

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When I first started blogging I was so naïve and inexperienced that I bought into every sales pitch I tripped over. I swore that if I ever ended up with a blog with a big following I’d spill my guts and tell people what they really need to know. So here are my top five blogging misconceptions so you don’t buy into them like I did.

blogging misconceptions

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Blogging Is Easy! Anybody Can Do It!

If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it and there’d be no such thing as rush hour traffic every morning. We’d all be working at home in our jammies! The fact that there are millions of blogs on the Internet might make it seem like everybody’s blogging for cash but the reality is, most of those blogs are dead and abandoned – because the owners bought into these stupid misconceptions.

If you just want to set up a blog and talk about your vacation then yeah, blogging is easy and anyone can do it. But if you want it to produce income – enough income so you can quit your full-time job and then some – then you’re going to need to treat it like a business.

You Can Make Lots Of Money Fast

There are bloggers out there who’ve made $10,000 in a weekend, just like all those guides promise. I’ve done it myself so I know it can be done. But nobody does it the first weekend they’re online. It might have been possible years ago before the Internet became cluttered with blogs, but these days, it takes a lot of time and effort to build up the kind of traffic – and the kind of business – that can produce $10,000 in a weekend.

You Can Make Lots Of Money Fast In Just Two Hours A Day

See above. If you really think you can build any kind of successful, sustaining business in just two hours a day, then I have some ocean front property in Arizona you might be interested in. If you work just two hours a day for a month that means you’ve only put 60 hours worth of effort into building a business. How much would you make for 60 hours worth of work at a J.O.B.? Why would you expect to make more working online?

Just Follow This Step-By-Step Plan

The people who sell those “Step-By-Step” guides are not teachers or mentors – they’re marketers. They may have all the best intentions but they’re not qualified to teach you anything. All they’re doing is showing you how they do it and because they have no idea how to “teach” they skip steps or get them out of order.

Not to mention the fact that by the time that guide goes on sale technology has advanced, Google has changed their algorithm again, and buyers have gotten just a little bit smarter.

You Need To Be Passionate About Your Topic

This is the biggest blogging misconception of all. You don’t need to be passionate about your topic to be successful. You need to be passionate about building your business.

Years ago one of the hottest, most profitable niches online was acne medication. Do you really think the bloggers who cleaned up on that niche were passionate about Benzoil Peroxide? Probably not. But they were passionate about squeezing every nickel out of the market they could find. They were passionate about building their business and when they recognized a profitable niche they jumped on it, no matter how boring it was.

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  1. I think you got it all correct, if some of it I agree with but for different reasons.

    Blogging is still very easy to do, even if one isn’t making money at it. Now, most people hate writing and that may make it seem hard, but compared to many other things people do (other than sitting down & watching TV) blogging is a fairly easy thing to do. But it takes dedication, creativity, and the will to want to do it.

    Your last point is also true but interesting. I’m not sure I’ve seen blogs on things like what you talked about, but I’ve definitely seen websites set up to talk about those things. True, none of those people are ever passionate about it either. However, having some passion for those things makes writing about it much easier and gives people something to talk about for a long time to come. I have 5 blogs but one of them is 7 years old, the other I just hit 5 years on. Without passion for my topics, both would have died within the year.

    Great stuff overall; making money isn’t easy, and making livable money is near impossible for an overwhelming number of people, including me. :-)

    1. Thanks for your comment Mitch!

      The entry level for blogging is ridiculously low. Unfortunately, some people are not even willing to put the little required effort to get started. If they want to sit on their couch, shovel food down their throat and bitch about their lack of income, nobody can do anything for them.

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