Blogging Lessons: What Can You Learn?

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If you are new to blogging then you likely have your sights set high. You have seen the success it can bring and the popularity it holds and you want to achieve those same things. You should know that it is entirely possible. You can have that same success as long as you do things the right way. But even if you work hard and eventually succeed, you will find that you have learned a lot of lessons through your blogging adventures. There are many things that can be taught simply through the art of blogging for a living.

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  1. If you love it, it is right: The simple truth to blogging is that it is an act of love. You have to truly enjoy what you do in order to want to do it day after day and year after year. You must enjoy sharing your knowledge and have a way with being able to express yourself. If you have none of this then you are looking into the wrong career choice for you.
  2. You are the company you keep: You have likely heard that phrase in your life and it is just as true in the blogging world as it is in high school. If your associations are shady and unreliable you will never gain a reputation for credibility. You want to associate those who are known as authorities and who have earned high respect. That will get you further in your reputation than almost anything you could do.
  3. Give before you receive: Sometimes you have to give and give before you can be on the receiving end. You may guest post, advertise or promote others without seeing reciprocation. It will come. You have to give before you receive. Though that may seem unfair, it is the way the blogging community works. It keeps people from taking from hard working bloggers and never offering up anything in return.
  4. Your effort will pay off: It may not seem like it as you write a lot of posts that seem to go unnoticed, but your effort will pay off. People will eventually find you and like you. The harder you work, the more likely you are to see success from it. Like any job you have to put in a lot before you are rewarded, but when the reward comes it will be well worth the time spent.
  5. It doesn’t happen overnight: Patience is something that you will learn through blogging. You absolutely have to have patience if you plan to succeed in this business. No success will be instant. You will work and you will struggle. But it can come. Keep trying and keep your faith. If you do everything right, you will see the fruits of your labor soon.

Blogging can be a fun and unique job to have. The problem that you will have with blogging is that it does teach you some hard lessons. You have to learn to be patient, love what you do, give freely and work hard if you want to see success.

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  1. Keith Matthews

    Thanks for the encouragement. I’d blog, just because I like writing and laughing, so this is just right down my alley.


    1. Best of luck with your blog Keith!

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