Blogging Instant Gratification: You’re Doing It Wrong

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The Internet is littered with dead blogs, fluttering in the wind, like hamburger wrappers and carry-out bags blowing along the side of the road. Millions of blogs lie abandoned, their owners returning to a J.O.B. and the daily rat race, and it’s all due to inaccurate expectations. These bloggers had all bought into the hype that if they simply threw up a blog they’d instantly be making more money than they ever thought possible. And when that didn’t happen, they thought they were failures, so they quit. Unfortunately, blogging is not about instant gratification. If you’re a blogger who’s ready to quit, read on before you throw in the towel.

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blogging is not about instant gratification

As I see it, you really only have 2 small obstacles you need to overcome: Your expectations are unrealistic, and your reaction to failure.

Your expectation that you’d be able to start a blog one weekend and buy a million dollar mansion the next isn’t really your fault. After all, you’ve been taught to believe that when someone in a position of authority promises you something, you can rely on their word. Your mother promised you a cookie if you cleaned your bedroom, your teacher promised you an A if you studied, your boss promised you a raise if you snagged that new client.

And even if the rewards weren’t instantaneous, as long as you knew the terms going into it, you were fine with that – your dad told you to clean the garage and he’d take you on a camping trip next weekend, in July your mom reminded you that if you wanted that new bike for Christmas you’d have to behave.

So it’s not like you always expect instant gratification. It’s only when we don’t get what we expect that we start to feel dissatisfied and discouraged. If your didn’t take you on that camping trip you probably didn’t do quite as good a job the next time he told you to clean the garage. You stopped caring about your work ethic because you didn’t get the expected result.

When you bought into the idea of overnight blogging riches it was because someone whom you perceived to be an authority on making money blogging told you you could expect to achieve those results. That person, or persons, didn’t intentionally set you up for failure, although that’s exactly what he did. He was just trying to sell you something and the easiest way to do that was to lead you to believe he was an authority figure and play on your sense of urgency and your desire for instant gratification.

Had he told you that it might really take 6 months or a year before you’d start to see any income at all, you might not have been so eager to buy whatever it was he was selling. You might have taken your time to do more research and then found a better offer somewhere else. However, if he had told you that, at least your expectations would have been realistic and you might not be feeling so frustrated and discouraged right now. Maybe you wouldn’t be feeling like such a failure.

Now, because you’ve haven’t achieved the results you were expecting, you’re feeling like maybe you made the wrong decision. Maybe you’re not smart enough. Maybe, no matter how hard you work, the blogging gods will never be satisfied and you’ll never get your cookie. Why even bother. You’re a failure. You should quit.

But let’s look at that word ‘Failure’. When you fail at something, that just means you didn’t succeed. It doesn’t mean you’ll never succeed. Thomas Edison failed 9,999 times before he finally succeeded. It wasn’t until he created light bulb number 10,000 that he finally got it right. But he didn’t give up because his expectations were realistic. He didn’t expect to get it right the very first time, and maybe he even had to adjust his expectations along the way. But he knew, no matter how long it took, the cookie would still be there.

He also knew that if he learned even just one little thing from each of his attempts, each failure would bring him one step closer to success.

People talk about instant gratification like it’s some new concept, brought on by video games and working-mother guilt. But it’s not new at all. It’s a basic human instinct. It’s not a bad thing, either, as long as your expectations are realistic. Once you understand that you’ve been mislead, that blogging is not about instant gratification, then you can adjust your expectations and start looking at your failed attempts as steps on your ladder of success.

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  1. David

    I wonder if that 10,000 light bulb thing is a myth. Seems odd that it was the 10,000th bulb, doesn’t it?

    All kidding aside:

    It is easy to quit and I do think it takes a tremendous effort to get it right and make it work.

    There are days when it is harder and days when it is easier.

    1. Jeffreyskang

      to make it easy though, it’s all about automating the blog. now that does not mean it’s okay to scrape content from others to make a post – i hate that.

      i mean you should cross promote and find other bloggers you compete with and use their skills to your advantage. trade traffic. do a link exchange. pay people to write for you.

      stop trading time for money and start making money do the work for you.

    2. David

      Well, I guess I would say that ‘automation’ is a bit of a myth – from my perspective at least.

      What exactly are you automating? You mentioned that you wouldn’t automate the content through scraping – which I agree with.

      Then, what exactly are you automating?

    3. Joseph

      In light of my understanding it should be scheduling (of the posts) but after I guess some people will also call it automating.

    4. Joseph

      I thought automating your blog was where you get all content scheduled so you don’t have to worry when you are not available to make new posts.

      After all you can’t automate the blog to posts content from anywhere your bots find it – that’s won’t be healthy for the site.

    5. Joseph

      Actually the focus should be being better and better eventually leading to being successful.

      Like you say, it is not easy to let go. So, a lot of effort and patience should take place as you embark on your successful mission.


  2. Amanda@buysellwordpress

    Of course, in case if you decided to launch your own blog, then you should be sure in your future success and good results. And of course, you should be quite tolerant and patient

    1. David

      Hi Amanda, I guess the question is how long should you be patient and tolerant. At some point you have to reap a benefit or the efforts are not worth it, right?

    2. Joseph

      Hi Dave, as far as I am concerned you should be patient long enough as the time you have invested on your efforts and handwork. I hope this makes sense.


    3. Joseph

      And I believe that’s not the case if you started a blog just because you were fooled you’d be a millionaire in a week’s time. In cases like these people think of no future success, they instead think of short term success and when it doesn’t occur, well, they give up.

  3. Julia Spenser

    I completely agree with you! All patience has its limits and terms of existence so to say

  4. Joseph

    One thing I love and that motivates me to read at least a post or two from Dukeo, is that every read makes me a better person online, the content and the advice inspires.

    Just take a look at this single post – nothing on it will fool you, it just tells you the truth about bloging and urges many to be better bloggers.

    Thanks Steven for such a nice article.

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