Blogging Frequency: Be Predictable For Best Results

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One of the first questions new bloggers always ask is: How often should I post to my blog? For a brand new blog the answer is: Every single day and twice on Sunday. It’s a fact that the best way to develop a following and grow traffic for a new blog is to post frequently and regularly, but as your blog matures, so do your readers. In the end, the perfect blogging frequency is always: be predictable. But let’s take a look at how your frequency may change with the age of your blog.

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In the beginning you’re still learning about all the different aspects of blogging, including how to write a great post. Your posts are short, to the point, with no real detail. For example, instead of digging deep into how to use html code to customize your blog you might write about using a free WordPress theme. This type of post is easy to write and it doesn’t require a lot of research so you can crank these out eight days a week, no problem.

It’s also just the type of post that a lot of readers love and the fact that you’re posting these little tidbits of information every single day of the week will really pull in the traffic. So as a new blogger it benefits both you and your readers if you post every day. Your readers because they’re getting a constant flow of great information and you because you’re learning more about the business of blogging and how to connect with your readers.

As your blog ages, and as you write more and more of these posts, you and your readers are both gaining knowledge. You know more about html now and they want to learn more from you because you’ve been such a great teacher so far. However, delving deeper into facts and details means you also have to spend more time creating your content. You can’t just whip out a post in an hour like you did in the beginning. Now you have to do some research.

Plus, now that you’re giving your readers more details, it take them longer to absorb the information and make use of it. When you first started out you were telling them to click a button and voila! They had a new theme. Now you’re telling them to learn some html and apply it to their blog. It’s great information and they love it. But, they need time to take action.

Maintaining this pace, at this point in the game, means you’re going to be spending more and more time creating these detail-packed blog posts so you and your readers can both continue to grow. Eventually you’re going to reach a point where you can’t progress to the next level unless you sacrifice something. And the one thing you absolutely can not sacrifice is the quality of your content.

Now you think you’re in a pickle. If you continue producing content at the same level, you’re not going to keep your followers who turn to you for the next big lesson. But you also think that if you back off on your posting frequency your followers will lose interest and forget about you.

But here’s the thing… At this point, you probably already have quite a few subscribers who watch your blog posts pop up in their feed every day. Most of them are waiting breathlessly – for now – but if you continue posting these information-filled blog posts every day they’re going to hit critical mass soon. They can’t keep up with this flow of detail-packed blog posts either. In fact, a lot of these people are going to stop following you now for this reason.

At this point, it’s no longer a question of frequency. If you have to back it off to two or three times a week so you have time to create that quality content, then so be it. What your readers are looking for now is that same level of high-quality content, packed with all the necessary research and knowledge, and all they’re concerned about is that you post it on a predictable schedule. They just want to make sure you’re not disappearing forever and most will welcome the opportunity to take action on one blog post before you publish another.

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  1. Martina

    It is interesting that I would stumble across this post today, Steven. I have a small blog, and for January, I increased my frequency to daily. Initially it gave me a boost, but I have noticed in the past few days that it has tapered off or decreased.

    I think you have explained exactly what happens. There is a point of critical mass. And, especially if you’re pushing hard to get good info every day, it doesn’t leave time for them to absorb what you’ve said and try it out.

    Thanks for the confirmation.

    1. Absolutely Martina! I’ve been trying various frequencies and various posting schedules, and it always came down to this.

  2. Komal

    I am sorry, but I am confused. Your other post “The Most Overrated Piece of Blogging Advice I’ve Ever Heard” says there is no need to post every single day! In here, you suggest that it is a good thing! Which one of these is good to follow?

    1. Komal, maybe you didn’t fully understand this post… I’m not saying that you MUST post every day. I’m saying that you must BE PREDICTABLE. In other words, once you’ve decided on a posting frequency (once month, once a week, once a day), you should stick to it so your readers will know when they can expect new posts from you.

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