Blogging for Money: 7 Points to Consider Before You Start

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So, your buddy’s making money with a blog now and you think you’d like to try it too, huh? Great! Welcome aboard! But before you get started, just exactly what did your buddy tell you? Did he just tell you the good stuff like how he gets to work in his jammies and he doesn’t have to listen to the boss man and he’s making money by the boatload? Or did he tell you the boring stuff, too? Just in case he left out the “rest of the story” here are seven points to consider before you quit your job and start blogging for money.

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You Need Skills

Granted, you don’t need a lot of skills to start with. Thanks to sites like and WordPress .com anyone can sit down and start blogging in just a few minutes. But eventually, if you really want to make any money, you’re going to have to learn about marketing, and marketing on the Internet, and how the Internet works, and how searchers work, and how to set up a landing page and an opt-in form and… well, you get the picture. Regardless of what those guides tell you, nobody sits down to a blog and makes money the very first day.

It Takes Time

Along with the different skills you’ll have to learn you should also be aware that it takes time to develop a following. Traffic doesn’t just flow into your blog the minute you start publishing. And when the traffic does start coming in it takes time for them to learn to trust you.

You Have To Want To Succeed

You can already see blogging is no bed of roses and it’s not an over night process. The potential for distraction is huge when you’re sitting at home, alone, staring at your computer and the bloggers who make a success of it are those bloggers who have the motivation and drive to succeed. If you’re thinking you’ll just give it a test drive and see what happens, forget it. This is a business that requires long hours, a lot of hard work, and more than a little commitment if you want to be successful.

It’s A Continuous Learning Process

There’s never a dull moment in blogging, that’s for sure. It’s a constant learning process. The Internet changes daily, programs change, technology advances and time marches on. You have to be willing to learn new things – all the time – if you want to keep up with the marketplace.

It’s Boring And Lonely Sometimes

It sounds great in the beginning – Work from home, in your jammies, nobody else around to bug you and tell you when you can eat lunch or take a break. After a while though reality sets in. You’re home – all day – alone. There’s nobody else to talk to and the TV is a distraction you really don’t need – because you have a lot, lot, LOT of boring, tedious blogging tasks you need to get done.

You Need To Be Flexible

On the other hand, there’s always something happening when you have a blog. Somebody’s sharing your last blog post all over Facebook and you need to jump in to keep up the momentum. There’s a hot debate going on in your comments and you need to jump in to keep it going. Google just dumped a new algorithm and you need to blog about it to let your readers know. You need to be flexible and ready to react so you can take advantage of these types of traffic-generating situations.

It’s Not Always Cheap Or Easy But It Is The Best!

Yes, you can start blogging without spending a cent and you can even work your way up to the point where you’re earning without spending anything. But eventually, you’re going to have to open your wallet and pay for web hosting, a domain name or two, an email service, a professional theme, some advertising and promotion, and maybe even some software. In this business, starting out with no money means it will take you longer to make money. So be prepared to either spend a little money or spend a lot of time.

Yes, you have a lot to learn but so did those big-name bloggers when they started out. The only people who say it’s easy are those scammers trying to sell their ebooks. It’s not easy, but you can do it, as long as you give it your all.

And in the end, what will you have to show for your efforts? Your own business where you’re your own boss. It might take you a while, but if you set it up right your blog (or blogs) will continue to earn money for you even when you take time off. And now, you’ll be able to afford to take that time off.

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  1. Tracey

    Thanks for giving me something to think about. I am just starting my blog and finding that I have a LOT to learn. Good thing I like to learn new things. I think that’s a consideration that could make your list, you have to like to learn and be willing to learn from your own mistakes and from others.

    1. Tracey, if you are curious, you are already ahead of a lot of people! Good luck with your blog :)

  2. Frank Woodman Jr

    Good points to consider and as always the truth is that blogging is like any other business and requires work and time to be successful.

    There are no magic formulas for blogging any more than there are for other ways of making income. And far to many have no business plan or idea what they intend to blog about or how they can monetize their blog. That leads to lost time, frustration, and often failure.

    I just hope that articles like this one help people to realize that a business plan and a some thought as to how you need to operate to succeed are needed for online businesses just like off line ones. The old adage “Plan your work and work your plan.” is still a good one

    1. Well said Frank! To launch a successful blog, you need to carefully plan your actions… It’s a business like any other

  3. Nicole

    What if you just want to write, and not get involved with all the details of running a blog? Is there any market for freelance bloggers?

    1. Nicole, there is a HUGE market for freelance writers.

  4. Andi The Minion

    Again more serious sound advice. Just when I think I am getting somewhere, when I believe I know enough about web forms or WordPress I get a realization that I still need to learn a lot more.

    Even now I am still amazed at how much work is involved in blogging, if it doesn’t get done then the blog cannot expand and grow.

    However, it is the best and most enjoyable job I have ever done. It can be lonely but I enjoy working alone. I often have long mixes playing on YouTube for company and that suits me as long as I don’t allow it to distract me too much. :-)

    1. Andi, even with all my experience online, I still learn something new every single day. The learning experience is never over.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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