Blogging Extent: There Is More To Blogging Than Blogging

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Most successful bloggers didn’t get that way because they just sit there and blog all day. Their business may have started with a blog but now its grown into so much more. Yours will, too, as soon as you understand that blogging isn’t all there is to blogging. Step outside that comfort zone and there’s a whole world of opportunities out there.

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When you make that first sale on your blog you’re going to be hooked. Maybe you already are. You’re finally going to realize that you really can make money blogging and you’re going to start thinking about quitting your job. Oh, you probably won’t quit immediately because you’ll want to make sure it wasn’t just a fluke and you’ll probably need to earn a lot more than that on a regular basis. But trust me, the time will come when you’ll have to make a decision.

If you look at it realistically, it’s quite a risk. You have one blog. And even if it’s making twice what you make at your job it’s still only one source of income. If something happens to your business – and something could happen – then you’re in big trouble. But this is a risk that all business owners take, whether they’re blogging or painting houses. There will always be risks.

A successful business owner understands that risk and plans ahead. He develops alternate sources of income. For example, the house painter branches out into interior painting and commercial work. This strengthens his business and gives him a safety net if something should happen to the house painting market.

Successful business owners realize, too, that eventually every business reaches an earnings plateau. At any given time there are only so many people who need your product or service. The market continually refreshes, but it’s always going to be finite. Once you reach the lion’s share of the market, your growth and your earnings will level out.

At that point, if you’re happy with your earning, great. All you have to do is maintain your business. But most blogs, on their own, don’t produce that level of income. And even if yours does, you’re always going to need to account for inflation and the fact that most people typically increase their spending as their income rises.

As a business owner you need to consider the risks of only having one blog and one source of income, and you need to realize that some day, in the not too distant future, your blog is also going to reach an earnings plateau.

Fortunately for you, by the time you have to make these decisions you’ll also have gained enough knowledge of the Internet Marketplace and how it works to see that you have unlimited options for adding additional income streams to strengthen and grow your business.

Right now it may seem like you’re going to spend the rest of your life running a blog and you might be wondering how in the world those other bloggers are making so much money at this. Trust me. They’re not. They’re a lot more going on behind-the-scenes than you’re aware of.

They have multiple blogs in multiple niches, they create their own info products or set up online stores. They sell consulting services, get paid to write articles and books and the list goes on and on. All of these avenues – and anything else you can think of – are available to you, too. So don’t worry. Keep blogging away and start watching for opportunities. Because there’s a lot more to blogging than just blogging.

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  1. Writing a blog is a lot of work but i do think about it like it’s a long term investment. Over the years a blog post can get a lot of traffic and lead to business.

    1. I agree with you Jody. Take the example of Dukeo: it’s far from being my most profitable online venture. It makes absolutely 0 money as there is no advertising on it. But it’s a great tool for a long term business… It allows me to build authority and traffic in my niche.

    2. Totally agree – I’ve started blogging few days ago (they say it’s never too late). I treat it like a long term investment – not in ads (I don’t think I’ll let them appear on my blog) but in building strong network of like-minded people who can need my help.

    3. That is the good way to start!

  2. Andi The Minion

    Very true, all businesses come with risk and none more so than being employed by a company but many people go and get a job and then forget that everything can come crashing down because they allowed their income and life to be in someone else’s hands.

    Businesses that rely solely on making money from the one source can also suffer. Blogging is an excellent business to be in as you can create many blogs in similar or complimentary niches that can work alongside each other. As long as you grow and try not to do everything yourself then there really is only one way and that is up. :-)

    1. Thank you for your comment Andi.

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