Blogging Credibility: How to Build Yours, While Getting Paid

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When you first start blogging you’re going to wonder if there’s anybody out there paying attention. You don’t have a lot of traffic, you’re not getting any comments or emails. This is normal for everyone. Before people start singing your praises you have to pay your dues and build your credibility. But you need to make money now. So how do you build your blogging credibility – and make money at the same time?

Building your blogging credibility takes time. Your new blog has no ranking so your posts aren’t anywhere near the top of the index. People don’t see your posts so you’re not getting much traffic. All this will change, over time, and eventually everyone will appreciate your expertise and your blog will be flooded with traffic all the time.

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That takes time, however, maybe up to six months or a year. In the meantime, you can look for alternative ways to make money online, but all that’s going to do is detract from the time you should be spending on your blog. How can you build your blogging credibility and make money at the same time? Easy Peasey!

Get Paid To Write For Other Blogs

If you’re scoping out your competition – which you should be – then chances are you’re following some pretty high-ranking blogs, blogs that already have credibility and lots of traffic. Check out all of these blogs and then some to see if they’re offering any paid blogging opportunities.

Many blogs will have a link in the footer that says something along the lines of “Contribute to this blog”. If not, contact the blog owner or the editor.

Of course, you’ll want to include samples of your writing and links to your blog and any other relevant content you have on the Web.

Keep in mind, not all blogs are willing to pay for content and you might not find any. However, it’s worth checking into because these blogs already have the traffic you’re looking for and you’ll build your credibility that much faster.

Earn Money And Promote Your Blog With Content Sites

An even easier solution is to use high-visibility content sites, such as Examiner, Ask, HubPages, or dozens of other content sites. With these sites your content will rank higher when you publish because they’ve already established credibility with the search engines. You get to include your own profile and bio information so readers can easily identify you and associate you with your blog. And, as a bonus, you get paid for each page view or you get a portion of the ad revenue your articles generate.

The key to building your blogging credibility faster is to get your name and your quality content into as many different markets as possible. To do that, it makes sense to publish not only on your blog, but on higher-authority sites, as well. And if you choose sites that will pay you to write or blog, then you can earn money while you build your credibility.

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  1. Andre The Encouragementguy!

    I like the part about Blog Contributing to other (paid) sites yo bring in income. Yet, in my case, your article advice about gaining visibility — back to my own blogs and etc. — leads me to contribute to those said sites in order to facilitate my own upward bound notoriety. Thanks Ste’

    1. Contributing to other blogs and building relationships with other bloggers is essential nowadays. Well done Andre!

  2. Nathalie Curabba

    Thanks, Angie! Great advice as always!

    1. You’re welcome Robert

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