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Blogging Commandments: The 7 Rules To Follow

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The online world could still be associated with the Wild Wild West on many aspects, even though some authorities are trying to regulate it. However, here are a few guidelines I tend to follow to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Think of it as some kind of code of conduct.

blogger commandments

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  1. You Will Share Everything: Blogging is all about sharing. Your best way to get people to trust you is to be 100% honest with them and truly share the information you have.
  2. You Will Play Fair: If you don’t follow the rules, you will always end up getting caught. Maybe you can get away with it today or this week, but what goes around ALWAYS comes around.
  3. You Will Not Hit Others: Being controversial and trash-talking people can seem like an easy hook to get some attention for your blog, but do you really want to be the bully?
  4. You Will Clean Your Own Mess: If you make a mess online because of your blog or a post comment, clean your own mess, learn from your mistake and move on.
  5. You Will Not Steal: Stealing other people’s content, images, ideas is bad. Don’t you have a conscience?
  6. You Will Apologize When Needed: if you offend someone, just apologize. You’d be surprised by the wonders a simple “I’m sorry” can make.
  7. You Will Disconnect At Least Once A Day: Being always connected will make your stress level go through the roof. Remember to disconnect from the internet at least for a few hours, at least once a day. You will have more energy for your blogging efforts when you’re back.

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