Blogging Anywhere: You Have The Freedom To Live Where You Want


Let’s face it. Blogs are part of a never-ending trend and those who write for them are seeing success that they never imagined. While much of this can be attributed to the advance of social media, there is more to it than that. Those who share their talents, information and even humor with the world through a blog are able to connect on a personal level that is not present on the average website. Readers feel that connection and it continues to bring them back to the site again and again.

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live anywhere in the world

This has made the idea of blogging as a career quite popular. You may be among the many who feel that they have something special to share. You may even have no doubts that your venture would be a successful one. The problem is that you are not sure if taking the chance on a blogging career is worth the effort. After all, you will be tied your computer and expected to consistently update your site. Personal privacy may become a thing of the past if your blog becomes popular. There may even be concerns that you will run out of ideas, recipes or things to share. If you are faced with so many risks why should you view blogging as an ideal career?

Yes it is true that a lot of responsibility comes with a blog. For those that become successful, this is even more accurate. However, you will also find that it carries with it substantial benefits. Just one of those is that you are able to live anywhere in the world at any time and continue the work you do. Your income will continue regardless of where you are located. You will even find that moving has no effect on your site or what you make from it.

There are very few jobs that allow you the freedom to live wherever you choose. When you work a typical job you are not only bound by geographic lines, you are often bound even by the city. Short of making a lengthy commute each day you have little choice but to reside in close proximity to your employer. This is not true when your job is running a blog and you are your own employer. There are no boundaries that dictate where you can live or how often you can move.

Even if you still choose to live in the same place, blogging opens up the possibility to travel. As a blogger you have the ability to work from anywhere there is a computer and internet. This means if you want to spend time touring your favorite destinations all you need is a laptop. Vacations take on an entirely new meaning when you can go whenever and wherever you like.

So even though you will find great responsibility with maintaining a successful blog, the fact is that the benefits are often worth it. When you become a professional blogger, the world is at your fingertips. All you have to do is decide to explore it.

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