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Dukeo » Blogging » Blogging Addiction: Test Yours

Blogging Addiction: Test Yours

Steven Jan 28, 2013 Blogging

A few years ago there was a poll floating around the blogosphere that tested your blogging addiction. I haven’t seen it for a while but it’s still relevant, even though some of the questions were kind of funny and eventually you ended up on a dating site. The point is, though, addiction to anything isn’t good, whether it’s booze, drugs or yeah, even blogging. So let’s take a look at a few questions to test your blogging addiction.

blogging addiction

How often do you update your blog?

Regular updates are fine, and some blogs, like celebrity blogs, might need a dozen updates a day. But if you are posting multiple times each and every day, you need to ask yourself why? Is it because it’s good for your business, or are you doing it because you’ve shut yourself off from the outside world and your blog is your only avenue for communication? And if it is good for your business, is there some way to streamline the process so you can get up from your computer every now and then?

How many blogs do you read each day?

The follow up question is how much time are you spending reading other blogs each day? Obviously, if you’re spending hours each day reading other blogs then you’re spending a lot of time in front of your computer. Is this activity necessary for your business? Could it be streamlined using RSS feeds? If it’s not necessary, then why are you doing it and how is it affecting your personal life?

Have you ever neglected an important task or missed a deadline because you were blogging?

Granted, sometimes you have breaking news and you just have to drop everything else and blog about it. But this is rare unless you have a news-type blog. You can blog 24 hours a day so there’s really no reason you should have to avoid other responsibilities just so you can get the next post up.

If something interesting happens to you do you immediately start planning another blog post?

Whether it’s your blog you turn to, or your Facebook page or a forum you belong to, if you feel the need to report everything that goes on in your personal life online, then you have a problem. If it’s that wonderful and exciting, why aren’t you calling a friend or family member to share the news? Why do you feel the need to share it with strangers online?

Blogging is an exciting and rewarding career and it does require that you spend a lot of time online. Even those big-name bloggers who tell you they only blog about two hours a day spent a lot of time online in the beginning. They still do, they just don’t blog about it.

The whole reason you got into blogging was so you could have a better quality of life and now, here you are, chained to a computer this time, instead of a desk or a time clock. Push your chair back, stand up, and step away from the computer. Now head for the door and go out into the physical world. Meet some real people and start enjoying this new life you’ve created. Your blog will still be here when you get back.

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