Bloggers to Watch: Create Your Own List and Share It

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One day last week I was reading a post about the “top 100 bloggers to watch this year” and something on the list prompted me to send the blogger a private email asking about his requirements for inclusion. It was a nice email. I complimented him on how extensive his list was and thanked him for taking the time to put it together. But it started the wheels turning…

It occurred to me that if a Bloggers To Watch post could get a reaction out of a seasoned blogger like me, someone who reads dozens of blog posts a week, then they probably get an even stronger reaction from new bloggers and their non-blogging readers.

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So I did a quick couple of Google searches and sure enough, these Bloggers to Watch posts typically generate loads of comments from people who agree with the list but not the ranking, people who disagree with the list (like me) and wonder what the blogger could have been thinking. And people who are just thankful for the extensive research that must go into these lists and want to show their appreciation.

How To Create A ‘Bloggers to Watch List’

Start with a theme. Your niche may be narrow enough that a list of top bloggers to watch is sufficient. But if you’re in a broader niche, like politics, you might want to narrow your focus. If you have a lot of bloggers you want to list, consider making several different watch lists. Or, you could pick the top three or the top five in each category and create one longer list.

Explain to your readers the criteria you used to determine what bloggers made the list.

If you’re ranking your list, be sure to explain how you decided on who got the first place position.

Tell your readers why you’re including that blogger and link to a relevant post on their blog. If you love their whole blog you might want to link to their About page.

Before publishing, make sure all of your links work. There’s nothing worse than a list post with broken links.

Email each of the bloggers on your list and let them know they were included. Don’t ask for a link back or a comment or anything. Just give them a link to your post.

Since these posts generate so much activity I though it might be a good idea to give it a try on your own blog. So put together your own “Bloggers to Watch” list then come back here and give us the link in the comments. (Please only submit links to new posts you’ve written since you read this post.)

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