Blogger’s Block: How To Get Around It

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Being blocked is something many blogger’s fear, especially bloggers who keep up a strenuous posting schedule. The idea of missing even one day of posting can be enough to send most bloggers away from their computer, yelling in frustration. However, there’s several ways to get around blogger’s block that are all outlined below – so read on!

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Two tips for helping blogger’s block before it begins are to already have a backlog and to regularly request guest posts.

If you actively maintain a backlog of posts (about a week’s worth is ideal, so the actual number will depend on how often you post), then there isn’t as much pressure to perform when you’re blocked. You know that you can safely take a few days off, without losing face in front of your readers.

Requesting guest posts is a big part of this too – if you know you’re going to have a really busy week next month, start requesting guest posts now, so that you can schedule them for the week you’ll be busy, and maintain your posting schedule without even dipping in to your backlog.

You should plan ahead for the scenario of getting blogger’s block. Again, look for times you’ll be busy. The two things that usually cause blogger’s block are stress and fear, so any time when those will be factors in your life are when you should have a back up plan, just in case blogger’s block rears its ugly head.

After you’ve planned ahead as best you can, you need to have a toolkit of things you can do after blogger’s block arrives, to help you climb out of the rut it can cause. Here are some starter tips:

  • Brainstorm headlines first, instead of trying to think of the actual content for the post. Once you have a list of headlines to go back to, you can come up with the post content later.
  • Temporarily lower your standards. This sounds like a bad idea, but it’s very hard to get into a brainstorming state of mind if you’re constantly shooting down ideas. You can edit the ideas and throw out bad ones later, but for now, don’t worry about quality, just worry about getting out of your rut.
  • Eliminate distractions. Find a quiet place to work, and try using one of the many browser extensions available that can block you from distracting sites like Facebook or Twitter.
  • Get out of the house. Get out, take a look around, and stretch your legs. Inspiration comes to us when we have inspiring material at hand, which can be hard to find if you’re always inside and at the computer.
  • Change your routines. Getting stuck in a rut can be a result of getting stuck in a routine. These don’t have to be drastic changes – take a different route to work or school, get up earlier than usual, try eating a different style of food. Expose yourself to new things and new ideas will come to you.

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  1. Mike

    I’ve seen a lot of bloggers taking a really good start then slowly decreasing their post frequency until the point when they simply dropped.

    It’s quite tricky to keep finding ideas for new posts…

  2. Get outside of the house? Are you crazy? I heard there has been a nuclear incident out there ;)

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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