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Blog White Page: Is It The End Of Your Blogging Career?

Steven General

Blogger’s Block is a common occurrence, so before you panic and throw in the towel, relax.

It happens to every blogger, all the time.

You’re blogging along at a jaunty pace and then suddenly you can’t think of anything to write about.

It’s like you’ve reached the end of your topic and there’s nothing left to say, which is almost a ridiculous as thinking you can reach the end of the Internet.

Why Is Blogger’s Block So Important?

Let’s face it, if you want to build a successful blog you’re going to have to do a lot of writing.

That’s what blogging is – writing.

Blogging is a creative endeavor and anyone who relies on creativity to succeed suffers through periods where they’re blocked.

Even the most proficient, award-winning authors experience Writer’s Block – frequently – and they always recover.

But many bloggers are not trained writers.

In fact, may don’t even like to write so that part of blogging is always a chore.

When these untrained writers who may or may not like writing hit a period of Blogger’s Block, many panic.

They don’t realize it’s normal.

They think they’re not cut out for blogging after all and they abandon their blogs.

So it’s important to understand that Blogger’s Block happens to everyone and even untrained writers or bloggers who hate writing can find ways to overcome this obstacle and go on to create hugely successful blogs.

In other words: When Blogger’s Block strikes, don’t give up the ship.

You can strike back!

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