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As everyone, when I started online, I didn’t paid too much atention to my WebHost choice. My very first WebHost was a company located in France called OVH. They did the job but they are clearly using their domination on the french market to sell overpriced hosting plans.


Then I did read some articles about the importance of picking a WebHost that have servers close to your target visitors in order to improve their load times. So I decided to register with a US-based company: DreamHost. Their shared hosting was cheap and I didn’t know many Hosting Companies at that time. It stayed that way for almost a year, but as the number of visitors on my sites rose I started experiencing issues: mostly load times increasing like crazy.

Following the advices of another marketer, I registered a shared hosting with HostRocket. This was a total mistake. They are the crappiest Hosting Company I ever experienced! My sites were offline almost 10% of the time and their support is close to inexistant. I lost a lot of money because of them.

Having my share of bad experiences with Hosting Companies, I decided to move all my money sites to a VPS on LiquidWeb. Even though they are a little expensive, they have a good reputation. The migration of my sites took only a few days. So far, I’ve been totally satisfied with this VPS. It’s online almost 100% of the time and if I notice some problem, their support is VERY responsive.

My experience with LiquidWeb being mostly positive, I decided to register a second VPS to use only for this blog (Dukeo) and for my company website (Dukeo Media). This $90/month Virtual Private Server had to handle only 1 WordPress installation with less than 50 visitors per day and a 4 page website for my company receiving at most 10 visitors per month.

This second VPS was a complete disaster. From the very beginning, I experienced configuration issues that took several days of emailing back and forth with the support to get things right (goodbye productivity). Then it started crashing when I was creating or updating new posts (goodbye 3 hours of writing lost in each crash). And for some odd reason, whenever a new post was published, there was a HUGE spike in server load making it crash for 5 to 15 minutes.

LiquidWeb support being very responsive, they seemed to spend a lot of time trying to resolve these issues, but they never found the cause making me doubt their technical ability. Being responsive is nice, being qualified is better, being both responsive and qualified is perfect!

Seeing an increasing number of positive reviews of HostGator, I took a peak into their VPS offers. It was a nice surprise to see that for a 30% lower price, I could have a VPS server with HostGator that have almost exactly the same configuration as the one I had with LiquidWeb.

I decided to contact both their sales department and their technical support to check how fast you get support and they are as responsive as LiquidWeb, so I decided to take a leap of Faith and go with HostGator. I mean, even if the server had the same issues, I would be saving 30% of the price anyway.

Additionaly, HostGator provides a VERY efficient migration service. I registered with them during the weekend so I did wait until next Monday to get the migration done. Once they opened the ticket for the migration, it took them about 17 minutes to migrate the whole VPS. Talk about efficiency!

After testing my new hosting by changing my computer’s host file. I changed the DNS settings with my registrar NameCheap to point to the new VPS. It tooks less than 48 hours for the new DNS settings to propagate everywhere and here I am with a fresh VPS on HostGator.

So far, I didn’t experience any issue with this VPS. No server going down, no more crash when I create or update new posts. That’s a total relief as I don’t lose my posts anymore!

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  1. Flash Games

    It’s good to see a migration that goes so smoothly. I’ve already had trouble migrating from an host to another and it’s been a big pain in the ass to get all the data transfered and setup properly.

  2. Jony

    I was thinking about changing of WebHost as I’m having trouble with the one I am using currently. These coupons are just on time :)

  3. Lynne

    Great post, I’ve used hostgator for years with no issue, and there service is fantastic! I recomend host gator for all my clients.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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