Blog Wandering: 5 Tips To Prevent It and Reduce Traffic Loss

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We’d all like to keep traffic on our blog until they buy something but people aren’t going to buy until they’re ready. And unfortunately, even if you take all the links off your blog they can still escape. What you can do though is make it easier for visitors to stay on your blog by eliminating as many distractions as possible. Here are five tips to prevent blog wandering and traffic loss and help improve your conversions.

blog wandering traffic loss

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Quote The Content You’re Linking To

Linking out to other blogs is important. It helps establish your credibility with your readers, and when those other bloggers see those incoming links they’re more likely to link out to you. But a lot of bloggers are hesitant to link to other blogs because they think their readers are going to wander over there and never come back.

Go ahead an link out to those other blogs but quote them in your article. Instead of just giving your visitors and link and telling them “Click here for more information” include the relevant quote in your own blog post and link to it for verification. In most cases, as long as you include all the information your reader needs, they’ll never bother clicking on that link. You’re readers will assume you’ve verified your information and that other blogger is still going to be willing to give you a backlink.

Link To Relevant Content On Your Own Blog

An internal linking structure is a must if you want to keep visitors on your blog. Use anchor text links within the body of your article to refer readers to relevant information deeper in your blog. Use full-title links at the end of your article, too.

Watch Your Stats

Pay attention to your analytics to see what information your readers are looking for. It could be they’re leaving your blog because you’re not answer all of their questions. It may also be that you’re so far off track you’re not even targeting the right audience. So if you’re seeing a huge traffic leak, start with your analytics to see what’s going on.

Encourage Subscriptions And Engagement

Encourage your readers to subscribe to your RSS feed so they never miss your new posts. Put a contact form right there in your sidebar and encourage them to contact you with questions, observations, or just to chat. Ask questions and have readers answer you in your comments, mention their names in your blog posts and newsletters. Start reaching out to encourage a closer more personal relationship with each of your readers so you can learn better what they’re looking for. Once you start giving them everything they need they won’t feel like wandering anymore.

Stay Focused On Your Goal

Solid keyword research and proper WordPress SEO is necessary so you can target your audience, so whether you like it or not you need to do it. One reason people don’t hang around on blogs is because they can’t find the answers they’re looking for. If you started blogging about Forex and now you’re blogging about commodities then your content lacks focus. You’re not really giving any of your readers everything they need so they’re wandering over to other bloggers who answer all their questions.

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  1. Julia Spencer

    To achieve all the things you mentioned above a blogger should be very active and should have continuous communication with their readers. Thanks for sharing this inspiring article

    1. I’m glad you found it inspiring. Thanks for you comment Julia

  2. Kathy Alice

    Great tip on quoting the content you are linking out to. I link out quite a bit and although I try to provide context for link, a quote can’t help but further enhance my reader’s experience – thanks!

    1. Thanks for your comment Kathy!

      Bloggers should never forget that you reap what you sow… If you give link love to other bloggers, they will return the favor.

  3. I agree with Kathy, quoting the content you’re linking to is great advice. It shows you are backing up your words with references. People may be satisfied that you’ve given enough information in your article to avoid clicking away.

    1. Thanks for validating my advice ;)

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