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Blog & Videos: Increase Traffic And Money

Steven Feb 3, 2012 Blogging

As a blogger you have two major concerns each day. You want plenty of traffic to your blog and you want to convert them into money. That is the simple goals of every blogger. Traffic and money will be at the forefront of every decision you choose to make. For many bloggers this is what prompts them to use videos on their blog. Not only do videos help increase the number of people that visit your blog, it also helps to convert those visitors into profits. How does this happen?

video traffic money

Bringing In Traffic

Videos bring in traffic. That is just a fact on the internet. You can see that fact in action if you visit the popular video sites online. Hundreds of thousands of people are looking each hour for videos on topics that interest them. You can take advantage of the desire of people to see an actual video by placing it on your blog. Rather than spending their time searching for exactly what they want, it will be available to them right there on your page. You simply need to know what style of video you want.

Look at your page contents and you will be able to see the type of videos that you need. Are you selling products? Try making a clear demonstration video that shows your users exactly how to use the product you are selling. Do you focus on information? Back up what you write with a video that details the same situation. Regardless of what style of video you use, you will find that your audience is drawn to your page simply so they can watch it and see if it satisfies their need for information.

Keep Traffic There

Much of your traffic will stay on your site for very short periods of time. They stop, browse quickly and leave. This is factored in with search engines and they use this to help determine your placement. If you add videos then your visitors will stop and watch. They may linger longer. They may even find they want to look around further. This will be looked at by the search engines and will help increase your placement. The further you move up, the more traffic you will get and the circle begins again. Keeping traffic on your site is the only way to guarantee yourself an income.

Make Money

There are a number of ways that videos play a role in the money making potential of your site. For starters, you have the video itself. In the instance of product demonstrations, you may have sold someone on the product you are selling by showing them detailed and clear instructions and results. In the case of information, you likely grabbed attention and left the reader willing to click your links. However, money making goes beyond that. You may be looking at alternatives that result in others viewing the potential of your site. They will look at your traffic, your subscribers and how long people generally stay on your site. So using videos to lure and keep visitors can be significant in producing the income you want.

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