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As a blogger you likely have many questions. Your top goal is going to be success and you want to know whatever it takes to achieve it. The biggest question most bloggers have is how often a blog should be updated. Unfortunately this is also the question that is the most difficult to answer. That is because each blog and blogger will be different and the goals will vary as well. In other words, the rules that one blogger may have to live by will be different than the rules another has to worry about.

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When it comes to updating, the general theory is the more the better. That can come back to bite you though if you update too frequently. Your readers want to find the new material without it taking an extensive amount of time to do so. If they wanted to fully research the topic rather than read a shorter post they would visit other websites. That should be kept in mind. As a matter of fact, when you consider how often to update you should always look at what your readers want and expect. They like consistency without overdoing it. This should be followed as closely as possible at all times.

Of course the popularity of your blog in general will also play a role in how often you update. If you have a heavy following then they will expect more from you. A smaller blog can get by with going several days in between posts. Even so, if you want to build that large following it is best to start early with a regular posting schedule. This allows your readers to know what to expect from you and when. So while you might find some relief if you have not grown yet, planning to grow your site only adds that pressure back.

In the end your topic will be the dictator of your posting schedule. Some things simply cannot be stretched into daily posts. Other things absolutely must be shared each day. You will have to look at what your site is about and determine from there how often you feel you need to update your readers. Are you a food site? Then you might have fewer posts than some other options. Take a look at similar sites and see how often they update. Be sure to look at the successful ones as that is your goal.

Posting is vital to the success of a blog. If you want your readers to keep coming back then you need to give them a reason to. The only way to do that is through stellar content delivered regularly. Take some time and evaluate the competition, pay attention to what your readers expect and look at how popular your blog is. Overall you will find that if you examine your long term goals it will give you a significant idea of what you should set as a posting goal. It may take some time to get used to it, but in the end it could prove quite profitable.

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  1. Sarah

    How often to post is something that I think all bloggers have a hard time with. But I think you’re definitely right when you say that it depends on the writer, the topic, and how big your audience is. It’s a delicate balance, and it’s something that every writer has to figure out for themselves.

  2. Mitch

    I personally prefer blogs to update bi-weekly. The blogs that I like I subscribe to, and if they post too often it just clutters up my inbox. Unless its a blog I really really like then I don’t have to subscribe because I’ll visit often. :)

  3. Jony

    I think the real determining factor should be post length. If you usually have short, concise posts, then it would be good to posts often. But if your posts are lengthy and detailed and take a long time to read, your readers might appreciate a break between posts, otherwise they will feel overwhelmed if they get behind.

    1. Affmaster

      I think that everyone has valid points, and seems to agree that it is a delicate balance, and very much based on tuition. But I think Jony is on to something with post length. It makes sense, the shorter and sweeter the easier it is to read, and therefore short attention spanned people can read more at a time. Longer means more time to read, so more time between posts makes sense. IMHO.

    2. Anon

      This is true, but the other thing that the article points out that must be taken into account is how big of a following you have. The heavier your following, the more often people will expect you to post. At least once a day, no matter how long the posts are. Definitely many things to consider when answering this question.

    3. Jony

      It seems to me like the general consensus of this article and the comments following is that it’s mainly up to the blogger’s discretion, so choose wisely!

  4. Dana

    It’s very hard to know when to post next… but luckily for me I only have so much time allotted to myself to write posts, what with running a household and all of life’s other duties and distractions, so I hope my readers are ok with the length in between my posts ’cause it’s not changing anytime soon! Ha Ha!

    1. Sarah

      I definitely hear you on that one! Being a stay-at-home mom is not as “free and easy” as people think! I feel like I barely have time to breathe let alone plan and think about when to write a blog post. I write when I have a few seconds of down-time and then it’s back to the crazy.

  5. Michelle

    I agree that it boils down to the topic. I have a friend with a food blog, like you listed, and she writes reviews about restaurants in her home town (it’s mostly a local following) and then gives her readers the chance to go to that place and write back if they agree. Many times there is a week between posts and that works for her. It’s up to the writer and the topic in the end.

  6. Mike

    The most important thing is quality content. No matter how often or irregularly you post, I guarantee that if you have quality, memorable content, people will always come back for more.

  7. Liz

    Most of us who blog started out as blog readers or fans, right? My rule of thumb is always this: What did I prefer as a reader? I always assume that I am my own reader and post accordingly, and it steered me right so far.

  8. Gorman

    It’s often hard to know what people want, as readers, from you. Use your own discretion, and most of all listen to what your readers have to say. Heck, write a post about it and see what feedback you get!

    1. John

      I think that’s a simple and effective idea. Write a post and see what your readers think. They’re the ones you’re trying to please anyway!

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