Blog Traffic Growth: 4 Comprehensive Steps

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Bloggers are very greedy creatures, aren’t they? No matter what we have we always want more. We want more Facebook friends, we want more RSS subscribers, we want to make more money. But when you get right down to it, all of those “wants” rely on one thing – more traffic. So let’s cut to the chase and focus on that. Here are four steps to increase your blog traffic. Start today and you’ll start seeing an increase by this time next week.

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Write A Link Bait Article Once A Week

Call it a link bait article, call it bookmarkable or sharable content, call it a pillar post, whatever you want. But once a week you need to create some kind of over-the-top content that makes everyone sit up and take notice. Other bloggers will want to link to it because it’s such a valuable resource. Your regular readers will want to share it with their friends because it’s packed with valuable information they can’t find anywhere else. People who’ve never seen your blog before will wonder where you’ve been hiding and subscribe to your RSS feed.

This isn’t your typical blog post that you rip off while you’re drinking your morning coffee. Spend an hour or two each day working on this link bait article and at the end of the week you’ll be ready to post it to your blog and watch the traffic roll in.

Spend Time Networking Every Day

Don’t make that face at me! If you do a little bit of networking each day it’s not nearly as time consuming as you think. Block out 30 minutes each day to comment on a couple of blogs and interact in your social networks. If you do this on a daily basis – regularly – you’ll be much more effective than if you spend one full day a month struggling to cover all the bases at once.

Promote Your Blog Every Day

Take another 30 minutes every day and use it to promote your blog. Bookmark a blog post, fire off a quick article for Ezine, start a Squidoo lens, make that 10-minute video you’ve been putting off. You’re probably putting off promotion right now because you think you don’t have time and then at the end of the month you have to devote two whole days just to get caught up. Take 30 minutes every day and do one or two things to promote your blog.

Publish A Blog Post Every Day

This is one of the most important things on this list. The more you publish the more visible you are in the search engines. And that increased visibility means more traffic. Plus, adding new content every day brings your regular readers to your blog every day and increases the amount of sharing that’s going on. So yeah, publish a blog post every day and you’ll be well on the way to increasing the traffic to your blog.

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  1. Paula Saardchit

    This article has some great information! I need to step it up and do more networking and start doing a new blog post each day. It will be another great goal in growing my business. Thank you and Happy New Year!

    1. Good luck with your frequency goal Paula!

  2. Pinoy Android

    I am a strugging blogger and my localization is quite challenging some of my competitor are adwords user. :(

    1. Don’t get discouraged, paid traffic is not a necessity to grow a blog. I don’t use Adwords for Dukeo and yet I have a lot of readers…

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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