Blog Post Plan: The Smart Way to Plan For Success

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I’ve never been a big “planner.” Send me an invitation to a party that’s two weeks out and chances are I won’t show up, but call me on the phone and tell me to meet you in 10 minutes and I’m on my way. The idea of planning anything was always foreign to me, but that came to a screeching halt when I started my blog. If you want to write a successful blog post, you need to bite the planning bullet.

Start an Editorial Calendar

Planning one blog post at a time is certainly better than no planning at all, but you’ll build a stronger blog if you plan your content out over the next month or two.

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This advance planning allows you to “see” your internal linking structure. Creating strong category or pillar posts and then linking them to relevant, more detailed content helps visitors find more of the exact information they’re looking for. A strong, internal linking structure also makes it easier for the search engines to crawl your site, which help improve your ranking.

With an editorial calendar you can more easily visualize the content you need to create to strengthen the foundation of your blog.

Plan Each Post

Now that you know what you want to blog about each day it’s much easier to write a clear, concise post that provides all the information the reader needs to answer his specific question.

You’ve probably noticed how difficult it is to sit down and just start writing. You may have one topic in mind when you start but by the time you finish you’re off on a completely different tangent. The post sounds perfectly fine to your ears, but it’s confusing for your readers. Sometimes, it might even contain too much information which doesn’t seem possible, but if your visitor has to sift through too much information to find the answer he’s looking for he’s going to give up and leave your blog.

To plan a successful blog post:

  • Choose your keyword: To make blog post easier to find focus on one keyword.
  • Answer one question: Searchers are looking for the answer to one question at a time. Make sure you answer that question in full, from all angles.
  • Craft a relevant title: Create an attention-grabbing title, but remember – you must deliver on your promise. Don’t use misleading titles for linkbait.
  • Write your bullet points: Write out a list of the important points you want to make in your blog post. If you’re writing a How-To article, make sure you don’t miss any steps.
  • Create a killer opening paragraph: You have just a few seconds to get your visitor’s attention. Your opening paragraph should let the reader know that you understand his problem and you have a solution.
  • Fill in the content: Now it’s time to flesh out your bullet points, explaining each one fully.
  • Your closing paragraph: Now all you need to do is wrap it all up with a recap, and include a call to action. Send your reader to another article for more information. Send them to a squeeze page. Ask them and question and tell them to leave a comment. Or simply remind them to share that successful blog post.

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    I’m going to try these steps out! Thanks for posting this!

    1. Great! Let me know how it works out for you

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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