Blog Post Crafting Guide: Step By Step

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Over the years I’ve written thousands of articles, following a wide variety of article writing tips from other bloggers. Gradually, my own formula began to emerge from the mix and it’s really quite simple. Here are my six easy steps to craft an exceptional blog post.

Formulate Your Idea

Personally, I think this is often the hardest step. Come up with one clear, concise idea for your blog post. Searchers are going to be looking for the answer to one question when they land on your blog. So address one question, or one issue, only, and to the fullest extent of your ability.

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For example, a searcher my type “how to knit baby booties” into their search engine and see your article “How To Knit Baby Booties For Beginners.” Perfect!

When they land on your blog they expect to find the answer to that specific question. Including more information, like the history of Angora yarn or patterns for adult slippers to match the baby booties will only be confusing, especially if your readers is a beginner.

Craft An Attention-Grabbing Title

Many bloggers suggest that you write your post first and then give it a title, but I find that bloggers who do that tend to lose focus with their article. They start out writing about baby booties and end up giving the complete history of Angora yarn. Write your title first and you’ll find it’s easier to focus and stick to the subject at hand.

Outline Your Key Points

Don’t worry about writing anything yet. Outline the key information points you want to present. These will most likely make good headings and sub-headings when you flesh out your article, but for now they’ll help you organize your information into a cohesive article.

Create A Killer Opening Paragraph

Now you may start writing. It’s important to make sure you write an attention-grabbing title because that’s what will entice searchers to click through to your blog. But it’s just as important to write an attention-grabbing opening paragraph because that’s what will keep that visitor on your blog.

Internet readers are finicky creatures. They only give your article a quick scan when they first hit your page, looking to see if it’s really going to answer their questions. If they don’t immediately see that your article has all the information they need they’re going to click away and go somewhere else.

Your opening paragraph should let your reader know that you understand what they’re looking for and you have the answer to their question. Don’t beat around the bush. Get right to the point.

Write Your Blog Post

Now, go back and flesh out all those key points you outlined and turn each one into one or two paragraphs of detailed information. Explain industry terms, show the benefits of each point, or explain the step and why it’s important.

Create A Killer Closing Paragraph

Readers will typically scan your first and last paragraph and then go back to scan your headings and sub-headings. So, now that you have everything else taken care of, it’s time to wrap it all up with a killer closing paragraph. I like to just recap the article, and if appropriate, include a call to action.

Here’s how I look at an exceptional blog post: I use the title and the opening paragraph to get my readers’ attention by telling them what I’m going to tell them. Then, I use the body of the article to highlight the points I want to tell them. Then, I write a closing paragraph that tells my reader what I told them. Tell them what you want to tell them, tell them, and then tell them what you told them. It might sound silly, but it works!

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